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Topic: Which library is best?

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    Which library is best?

    Hi. I\'m a composer of orchestral music. I\'m new to the world of sampling. I\'ve been using a sequencer and a synth to create mockups via midi thusfar. I\'ve started to play around with GigaSampler with some free sounds from the net. My question is, what library(s) would you recommend for orchestral work of a complex nature. My first priority is sound quality, but at the same time, I am a composer, and not a sound engineer, so I\'m not very experienced at modifying sounds and such. Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Which library is best?

    If I can be as so humble to suggest our library \"Ultimate Orchestral Percussion\" for you percussion needs. We went to great lengths to make it the \"standard\" for orchestral percussion. It is four discs and sells for $299. You can find out more info about it at http://www.dssoundware.com and you can purchase it right here at Northern Sounds! Hope you enjoy.
    For brass and sax\'s check out Quantam Leap brass. It is an extensive 6 disc set that will provide you with any articulation you could ever want. AND it sounds fantastic!

    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: Which library is best?

    Not to forget:

    Xsample Library Vol.1-9

    More info at



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