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    Please answer this poll only if you own Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass and Hans Zimmer Guitars 1!
    Which is better in general?
    Widest selection of sounds?
    Better hard rock sounds?
    Better acoustic sounds?
    Better bluesy sounds?
    Better unusual sounds?
    More expressive?
    Better bass sounds? Just Kidding.

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    In general and in specific Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass always comes in a few notches higher than Hans Zimmer Guitar 1. Quantum Leap\'s sound quality is first-rate - always just what it needs to be - very bright and clear (such as on Acoustic God, the best sounding steel sting acoustic guitar sample I have ever heard), warm and mellow but with a great crispness( the nylon string patch) or just plain FAT (as on any number of the bass samples). Comparatively, Hans\' stuff sounds like it\'s been dragged through the mud. Quantum Leap also scores far better on the selection of sounds - blues that go from round and tubey to really aggressive \"wailing\". Even some hillbilly stuff that is quite useful. The hard rock stuff is great!!! Every type of insane, searing lead is covered,also kinder, gentler leads as well as huge, thunderous death-chords. There is also a lot of really cool random stuff like very Vox sounding Beatles chords, very different sounding from the reggae chords which are also excellent, a great Garcia-esque Mutron sound and a really perfect \"surf\" sound. Hans really can\'t keep up. One of the greatest things about QL is the programming. You have got to get used to it but once you have there is nothing like it . Just hang out play around with these great sounds and after not too long - HEY. It all comes together. This is a great CD.

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    For acoustic you can try Acoustic Essentials. 5 stars in Keyboard Mag, and only $59. Get it from www.biggagiggas.com

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    Hi Nick:

    I don\'t have the Zimmer guitars CD, but I do have the Steve Stevens, Acoustic Essentials, and the Guitar Expressions CD\'s from Big Fish... so I thought you might appreciate my comments.

    1) Overall completeness

    Ultimate Guitar and Bass wins this hands down. There\'s a much wider variety of sound on the UGB collection. I particularly like the nylon string classical. The bass samples are *very* usable as well. Second I would place the GE CD\'s. There\'s a huge variety on that CD. Third I\'d go with SS because of the chorus and acoustic samples.

    2) Acoustic Guitars

    AE wins this category simply because that\'s what their CD is all about. The strums are fantastic (I can\'t wait to put them under FX in GStudio). Steve Stevens has an incredible acoustic steel string set of samples, though. So I think UGB comes in third on this. Since GE doesn\'t have any acoustics, they\'re 4th.

    3) Clean/jazz/funk/chorus guitars - I\'d have to go with GE on this one. There\'s just more variety here, and the quality matches that of UGB. UGB is a close second though. A little more variety would help. SS is third because there\'s hardly any of this on that CD, and AE doesn\'t compete in this category.

    4) Rock Guitars - I\'d give SS first place here. The sounds are so full and the tones are excellent. GE comes in second here because of, again, the sheer variety and quality of the samples. UGB is close but places third. Some of the samples, just seem too thin to me in this area.

    5) Percussion - Well, since AE is the only CD to have any percussion, it gets the nod. I just wanted to mention it because the acoustic drum samples on this CD alone justify the price.

    6) Programming - The winner, by far and away is the AE CD. They clearly thought this out and implemented it very well. The UGB library is programmed *ok*, but it could be much better. I\'d much prefer to see more key-driven dimension control rather than velocity splits for slides and such. But that seems to be a standard on some of the other CD\'s so I don\'t blame you for doing it that way. Perhaps it\'ll grow on me. I will say that the UGB is very easy to work with overall, and I\'ve had excellent luck reprogramming things the way I want in the instrument editor. The programming on both SS and GE is pretty mediocre. But you have to take into account that they\'re Akai CD\'s. Both converted nicely, but I have a lot of work to do in the programming area.

    In conclusion, if I only had $300 to spend on guitar samples, I\'d go with the Steve Stevens and Acoustic Essentials libraries. But that\'s simply based on personal taste. I really like all four libraries and will make good use of them all. I really hate to knock any of them because they are all well done and show a considerable amount of expertise. There is no real clear cut winner in my mind. If you have the money, you can\'t go wrong in buying any or all of these libraries. I say this with confidence because I have not been disappointed with any of them.


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    Has anybody checked out Guitar Expressions from Big Fish? It\'s a double CDROM, the AKAI version has very good programming, very useful; my partner used it in some of our collaborations for rock, blues, pop, techno punk, and such sorts of straightforward things, library has some pretty cool effects derived only from guitars as well. Not too many people know about it, but I\'d suggest you guys check it out. I think Nine Inch Nails uses this library.

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    Did you read the post just obove yours?

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    It\'s curious to me that there aren\'t more true replys to this poll. Both Quantum Leap and Hans Zimmer have sold over 1000 copies each I would guess. Where are all of those users? Not to mention the 1000s of illegal users. Who uses this site? I think we should all encourage our composer friends to check it out.

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    I\'m seriously considering putting together a site to pull together links to sample CD\'s and their manufacturers.

    A year after buying Gigasampler, and I still feel like I have to WORK to find samples.

    It would be nice to have a one-stop-shop to find out about what\'s available!

    I\'ve been looking for a good distorted electric guitar library for a long time.
    Companies just don\'t offer enough in terms of a demo. I still have never heard a demo of Steve Stevens, and the Quantum Leap demo doesn\'t give me enough of what I want to hear, which is heavy rhythm stuff.

    Another issue: when I hear a demo, is it loops, or is it playable? I don\'t want loops.

    I guess I wish that companies would offer some form of PLAYABLE demo. That is, maybe one octave of samples that we could download and play with. Not enough to steal the library for free, but better than the contraints of an audio demo, where the sounds I\'m looking for are usually buried in drums.


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    i was extremely disappointed with the gigasampler version of the quantum leap guitars....a lot of the stuff is not really usable...but what really shocked me was the fact that most of the samples are not set up to accept pitch bend....come on quantum gurus ....guitar samples for gigasampler that don\'t already have the pitchbend parameters set up ???? the corrigen nashville stuff is great. somebody out there needs to use his approach to rhythm guitar on some electric guitar samples..i\'d buy it in a heartbeat.

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    Unfortunately I created the Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass GIGA version when I had only had the gigasampler for a month. Sorry about the pitch bend. See post above for easy fix. Quantum Leap tries to emulate more of what can be done on guitar by a real player and also tries to cover alot of areas on one cd. This site is truly strange. I have so many emails praising that library and yet on this site everybody rags on that cd. I know dozens and dozens of really reputible composers and producers in Los Angeles and Europe who swear by it. Also has the most usable bass samples around. The fretless is worth the price of the cd alone. I think this site is occupied by too many developers like myself and too many inexperienced composers. I posted a poll and instead of answering it, WORRA(a moderator - yeah right) posted an ad for his cd. I don\'t see the point in visiting this site anymore. GOODBYE!

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