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Topic: JABB3 - no panning or reverb

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    JABB3 - no panning or reverb

    I don't understand why, but the panning and reverb send are not working at all. I've got the latest JABB version / aria player installed, and am using the latest version of Logic Pro 9 as my host. I remember a year ago it was working. Any ideas what is going on?


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    Re: JABB3 - no panning or reverb

    I've never used Logic, but it sounds possible that what's happening is the way it works in Sonar: The pan slider and volume fader in Logic could be controlling the ones in ARIA. If so, it's no problem - just use those.

    No reverb - You need to be sure that on the Effects tab in ARIA, you've turned Ambience on and have selected a setting.

    Since you're using DAW software though, Logic, I would recommend you use all of that program's tools and use a reverb plug-in there in Logic. Strap that to an effects bus and have either your audio tracks from ARIA going through it, or your bounced tracks going through it, if you render your MIDI to audio before mixing.


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