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Topic: Which brass for "pop" ?

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    Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    I want to see if there\'s a single library that does a great job for \"Tower of Power\" type brass.

    I don\'t have high expectations as far as playable solo instruments, but I\'d like to get realistic, dynamic ensemble sounds, complete with stabs, falls, staccatos, etc.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    That\'s easy. Quantum Leap Brass.

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    Re: Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    Oh...I was under the impression that QL Brass was strictly orchestral in nature.

    I\'ll have to dig out the CD demo again.

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    Re: Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    Quantum leap is the way to go. It covers both Jazz\\Pop and orchestral. The Saxes are amazing also.

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    Re: Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    I must agree. Quantum Leap is by far the way to go. What I have done is layer a couple patches of each instrument to get a bigger fatter sound. It works great!!


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    Re: Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    Then I guess I\'ll have to change my question to \"Which pop-oriented brass that doesn\'t cost $600?\" :-)

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    Re: Which brass for \"pop\" ?

    what is Quantum leaps web site? or where can you get their samples

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