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Topic: Are there any really good Hammond samples??

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    Are there any really good Hammond samples??

    wat is the best Hammond sample cd for the Gigasampler?????


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    Re: Are there any really good Hammond samples??

    I dont know if this helps, but I\'ve got the \'vintage keys of the 60\'s and 70\'s\' expansion board by Roland and the hammond sounds are the best thing I\'ve heard on a synth. I\'ve played real Hammonds with Leslies for quite some time and the sounds and leslie samples are quite impressive on this board especially in the studio.
    But to be honest, you can\'t beat the real thing. A real leslie throws sound all over the place. The tones of a Hammond can be sampled great and sound good, but the real sound is coming from the leslie and thats hard to simulate.
    I don\'t know if they make the expansion board for Gigasampler, but if you have a Roland XP/JV synth, I highly recommend it.

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    Re: Are there any really good Hammond samples??

    I\'m working on a Hammond for Gigasampler/Gigastudio right now.
    It\'s an L-100 where every note has been sampled for 20 seconds, the loops are done after about 15 seconds, so most of the time you will play un-looped.
    All drawbars has been sampled separatly and percussion has been sampled separatly. The organ has been recorded through a Leslie, but the rotors where NOT spinning. This is because I don\'t think that you can get emulate a rotating leslie in a good way when building a gig.
    I\'m working on this right now, and it probably will be two releases, one that\'s been made for the GigaStudio and one that\'s been made for the GigaSampler. At this point I don\'t dare to make a promise about a releasedate, but probably Juli. The cd\'s will be released bu Bigga Giggas (www.biggagiggas.com) and priced $59.


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    Re: Are there any really good Hammond samples??

    I agree that Roland has the best b3 with leslie sounds. But there is room for much improvement. You can buy the cd rom Keys of the 60s and 70s in Roland format. It sounds alot better than the expansion board. but you need a roland sampler.

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    Re: Are there any really good Hammond samples??

    When giga studio comes out there will be a 3 party software plug in that will convert Roland to giga format

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    Re: Are there any really good Hammond samples??

    Hey Kenn - where did you here about the Roland - giga converter? I have a Roland with library and I\'d kill to be able to cross pollinate.

    Umm Worra - I suppose you\'ll be petitioning Nemesys for an NFX5 Rotating speaker plugin?

    Can I suggest that, while you\'re in sampling mode on the L100, that you throw iin a bunch of fast and slow leslie sounds as well? You could loop them and they wouldn\'t be very big patches.
    I have puzzled on how you could mimic the acceleration/deceleration and the fact that the rotation is in the same part of its cycle for the whole chord, and I can\'t for the life of me come up with a good solution.
    On the other hand, it would still be a very cool sound even if the rotating speaker samples were out of synch, and you could do one layer which is slow, another layer which is fast, another layer which accelerates to fast and a fourth layer which decelerates to slow - then crossfade or probably switch between them.
    Anyway - good luck

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