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Topic: Problem with the S-Converter (HELP !!!)

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    Problem with the S-Converter (HELP !!!)

    When ever I run the S-converter utility I get the following message (no ASPI for WIN32 support detected)and then the S-converter shuts down.I am using a standard 32xCd-Rom Drive(not a SCSI)which is shipped with most of the computers.Could some one please tell me what is the problem, or still better could some one help me resolve it(I am waiting to use all my akai Cd-Roms).Thanks for reading my message.

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    Re: Problem with the S-Converter (HELP !!!)

    I used to go through hell with the s-convert and most or all of my problems were due to the cd rom. Stay away from, Asus, Acer ...and most generic brand. Go for Toshiba or Sony, these are the only two brands that would give me consistent results. Good luck.

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