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Topic: Holy Grail Piano

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    Holy Grail Piano

    Has anyone tried the Holy Grail Piano from \"Q Up Arts\"?

    The review read:
    \"Two years in development, this new approach offers you more realism than you\'ve ever heard using samples. every aspect of the piano including note let-offs, pedals and sympathetic strings are all controllable.
    The notes decay more slowly, and sustain longer. The samples are more resonant because more of the sypathetic resonances are supported. We\'ve captured the actual change in harmonic content of each note over time.
    *24 bit source
    *Set up for use in surround environments
    *A real time V.M.S. Modeled Sustain component, identical to a real piano
    *Controllable pedal/hammer action, resonant harp, and note on and off
    *Multiple layers and multiple versions to fit any need
    *2 different micing perspectives offered. \"

    Any opinions?

    While we\'re at it, anyone heard anything more re: Post Pristine Piano?

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    Re: Holy Grail Piano

    So where\'s the demo?

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    Re: Holy Grail Piano

    Can\'t find a demo. Just stumbled upon it by chance. Apparently it was first released for E-mu\'s Proteus 2000 and is THE piano sound. Not sure how that translate for Giga. The link is:

    Just wondered if anybody has heard it somewhere.

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    Re: Holy Grail Piano

    That\'s too bad... \'cause I have a Proteus 2000 and the piano sounds stink to high heaven. Totally unusable.

    Tim http://www.elithic.com

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    Re: Holy Grail Piano


    I have the \"Holy Grail Piano\" for my EMU Proteus 2000. Actually, I was quite impressed with the sonic quality of this sample...especially considering that it is ROM-based in the EMU. I don\'t know how any other versions (formats) would compare to the EMU rom-based, but I would say that it\'s a nice addition to anyone interested in piano samples (like myself)...

    The Proteus 2000 Rom version come with about 100 programs (if I remember correctly)...from classic piano sounds to techno pianos. It covers most of the piano sounds out there.

    Overall, I don\'t know if I would say that the Holy Grail Piano is the best piano sample that I\'ve ever heard (that would have to be either the Coakley Pianos or the Sweetwater Grand Piano for the K2500), but it\'s definitely worth a listen.

    Take care,

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    Re: Holy Grail Piano

    I found the demo. The piano\'s not out in GS format yet. Complex and interesting sound, but not quite as much sonic \"depth\" and fidelity as the Steinway B. Perhaps because it\'s based on a much smaller sample; at least, I think it is. Coakley and Sweetwater are good, but, again, not the in the same league as the Steinway B. It\'s still the sample to beat. I note that two samples were advertised on this site a couple of months ago. They\'re still in production. One of them, I forget the name, could possibly replace the Steinway B as THE sample. Everyone who heard the demo, including me, raved about it.

    If you don\'t mind BACH on piano, you can hear the modified Steinway B at my site: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

    [This message has been edited by john grant (edited 04-19-2000).]

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