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Topic: Bolder Giga-Pianos anyone?

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    Bolder Giga-Pianos anyone?

    Sorry, I guess I posted this in the wrong place the first time.

    Is anyone using the Yamaha and Steinway Bolder Giga-Pianos? And if so what are your impressions?

    Thanks - Al

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    Re: Bolder Giga-Pianos anyone?

    As a matter of fact, I receivet that CD Rom today from Dennis.
    To be honest, I didn\'t spend enough time to post any feedback(I probably will soon).
    But I thought I could post a impression from my girl friend.
    She actually thought that wonderful.
    She is not a musician but at the same time she might have a more objectivity.
    She used to hear me playing k2500 internal sound and soon as hear me playing Boulders Giga Piano, she was really enjoying the sound.
    Of course I was playing GOOOOOD.
    No I\'m just kidding.
    She said it sounds very natural with nice piano atmospher.
    Again, she is NOT a musician.
    She just hear the sound.
    Anyway I hope I can post my feedback soon.

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    Re: Bolder Giga-Pianos anyone?

    Where can we here the demo?

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    Re: Bolder Giga-Pianos anyone?

    I decided to buy the upgrade for Bolder Pianos to the Giga-version. I\'m VERY pleased with it. These pianos sound great! I don\'t think the demos on their website do them justice though. I think those demos were made with the version for Akai or Kurzweil. It only cost me $99 for both discs since I had a previous version. Definitely a thumbs up on this 2 disc set. Even though I mostly use the Yamaha C7.


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