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Topic: Rhodes Opinion

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    Rhodes Opinion

    I wish to buy the ultimate Rhodes, however there seems to be many opinions with regard to the quality of various samples, and so to my request.
    Without involving traders/developers or Nemesys personnel, who would obviously have to remain somewhat impartial, could anyone else having a Rhodes please post their opinion,naming their ultimate choice.
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Rhodes Opinion

    The Xsample rhodes is excellent, a beautiful instrument well recorded, and the programming on it is excellent too, lots of useful variations from pretty to bouncy and beefy. It has the most elaborate programming of any of my gigs, clearly the programmer enjoyed doing this one.

    I\'m not sure there\'s one definative rhodes gig; I\'ve never played 2 rhodes that felt or sounded quite alike. The adjustments and state of maintenance on the instrument can affect the sound a lot.

    I\'ve never played Worra\'s rhodes, but I might eventually pick that one up as well, I thought the demo sounded great. A couple Rhodeses for a couple hundred bux and you don\'t have to maintain them or lug them around is an excellent deal, I\'ve passed on a few $500 rhodes around here that didn\'t sound as good as my samples.

    An added bonus of the Xsample; it includes a very good Wurli as well. Both of these record and play very well and take additional processing (distortion, chorus or whatever) very well. Only downside to these instruments: they take about 2 minutes to load, I wish Nemesys would seriously optimise the loading of big instruments.

    Also check out the freebie Wurli on this site\'s download section, it\'s different from the Xsample one and I think it\'s pretty darn good.


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    Re: Rhodes Opinion

    Hello Sam,
    you can load single instruments out of the Xsample Rhodes-gig. It\'s much faster.



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    Re: Rhodes Opinion

    Can someone please tell me where I can hear\\buy the x sample rhodes.


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    Re: Rhodes Opinion

    I know I\'m probably biased, but anyway...
    We sell a Rhodes at $59, you can check it out and download a mp3-demo at http://www.biggagiggas.com


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    Re: Rhodes Opinion

    You can listen to a clip of the Xsample Rhodes at w w w . x s a m p l e . d e
    (I don\'t know if things have changed but this site used to block URLs).
    You can buy it at
    w w w . s o u n d s o n l i n e . c o m

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    Re: Rhodes Opinion


    I have the Xamples library in EMU format and use it on my E4-Ultra sampler. Now don\'t get me wrong, I use Gigasampler mostly, but still rely on hardware-based samplers when I don\'t want to deal with the PC. =)

    Anyway, my impression of the Xamples library is very positive. The Rhodes comes in a full version (which requires 128MB on my E4), and a stripped-down version that only requires 64MB (again on my hardware sampler). I don\'t have the Gigasampler version, so unfortunately I can\'t comment on that format. But I can say, that if the EMU format sounds as good as it does, I would only expect the Gigasampler version to sound even better!

    You\'ll be very pleased with the Xamples Library. They are a bit pricey, but you can buy just the Vol-1 CD if you\'re only interested in the Rhodes.

    Best Wishes!

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