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Topic: orchestral libraries

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    orchestral libraries

    I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the best orchestral strings library to purchase for my situtation. I\'m mostly producing Pop/dance oriented songs so I don\'t really require a full \"scoring\" oriented sample library.
    Can anyone campare the Advanced Orchestra strings library vs. Ultimate Strings vs. the Miroslav Mini library.
    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: orchestral libraries

    I\'m guessing you are in the need of expressive strings to play a countermelody in your pop songs, which immediately makes me think of miroslav vitous. The problem is of course the price, but you can get the Violins only cd pretty cheap i think. But you probably need cellis too.. hmm I seriously don\'t know what say. I haven\'t experimented too much with the advanced orchestra for pop production, but I don\'t think it will do the job quite as good as the miroslav strings. Mind you, any string passage requires a lot of tweaking in the sequencer to make it sound good, and it\'s a timeconsuming process which involves clever use of volume control (to control the dynamics), different articulations etc.. so don\'t expect to achieve expressive and dynamic sounding string parts by just playing the line. Whether you got miroslav or advanced orchestra or ultimate strings. If I were you I would seriously consider the kirk hunter virtouso strings series. But only if you have an Akai sampler, since it currently won\'t convert with the S-convert that comes with gigasampler 1.60 or earlier. Hopefully nemesys will fix this in gigastudio, or maybe kirk hunter will make a dedicated Gigasampler version.

    It\'s really hard to choose string libraries today, since there aren\'t any extremely good ones that does well on its own. I mostly find myself using a little bit of miroslav, a little bit of ultimate strings and some advanced orchestra (+ my own library of orchestral samples). Each disc has its strong and weak points, ultimate strings being the weakers with its horrible looping (especially with the violas). Anyway i think its a matter of taste, and if I were you, i\'d definitely go for the kirk hunter library, as it is more suited for pop (with its expressiveness and clearity of samples). Besides you have those lovely glissando patches that makes it so excellent for those string parts that need an emotional boost

    Good luck choosing your library! It isn\'t easy!

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