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Topic: Compressing GIGA files

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    Compressing GIGA files


    Does anybody know a program that will compress Gigasampler instruments with
    superior compression result like sfArk, SFPack, Shorten etc.... Please, do
    not suggest WinZip ;-)

    Soeren Bovbjerg

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    Re: Compressing GIGA files

    Yes, Shorten for windows can do it. I use it myself. Sometimes you have to change the type of shorten file, it should always be 16 bit but sometimes you need alter the settings. I found that I could drop a 1000mb gig file down to 250mb using shorten.


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    Re: Compressing GIGA files

    I allready have tried Shorten Evaluation - with no luck. I get a message that my file is not a valid RIFF wave file. (I\'ve also tried renaming the file to .wav).

    Will the full version work?



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    Re: Compressing GIGA files

    Have you tried the advanced settings, I don\'t know if the evaluation has them. You need to alter the type of 16 bit wav that you are using. I think sometimes I have to choose unsigned or signed. I can\'t remember right now, sorry.


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    Re: Compressing GIGA files

    You can use shorten if you buy the advanced version, but I don\'t believe the eval gives you the options needed to deal with anything but standard wav. As Bob says, if you get the advanced you need to play with the file type (16 bit unsigned I think.. but this was months ago I last used it) in order for it to work with gig file types. The compression is lossless of course and a fairly good ratio.
    However, in most cases I would recommend WinRar instead. The compression ratio is not as good, for example 60% rather than 56%, but unless that\'s key, it makes up for that by being much easier to use, cleaner and a more professional solution. To use WinRar for audio, just check options.. settings.. compresion.. \"use multimedia compression\". The biggest thing that bothered me with shorten(once I got it working for gig files) is that it assumes all files are wavs, so that when you uncompress a gig, it creates it as a wav file and you have to then rename it. Not very clean, especially for end users of the compressed file who won\'t expect that. I asked them if they could fix this, and they suggested they might some day in the future. But I have the feeling shorten is not at all their main product, and hence that maintaining it is not really a priority.

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    Re: Compressing GIGA files

    Thank you to both! I only have the evaluation version of Shorten, so I\'ll try WinRAR. I really don\'t care about the size, but since the instruments are made available for download I will try to squeeze them as much as possible.


    Soeren Bovbjerg

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