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Topic: My first post: Intangible Memories

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    My first post: Intangible Memories

    I uploaded this a few months ago to my Soundcloud and I recently discovered this website. This piece was written using GPO and Finale. I need some critique and new ideas so yeah...
    Thanks- Joe

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    Re: My first post: Intangible Memories

    Hello, Joseph - Welcome to the Garritan Forums - Glad you finally found us!

    "Intangible Memories" is the perfect title for this gentle, melancholic piece. I would say you've created the mood you wanted in the fairly brief span of the recording.

    I notice at the site you call this "a work in progress." And since you're here asking for feedback, it sounds like you plan on continuing the work on this. Good - I can offer a few things:

    --Now that you've found these Forums, be sure to also go to General Discussion. That's the Forum with the most traffic. There are also some technical support Forums, not used as much as they used to be. So if you have questions about using GPO and Finale, go ahead and post them in General Discussion. There are quite a few users here who know the ins and outs of Finale, and they could pass on some useful tips, I'm sure. And of course there are many GPO users, and they could also field questions you might have.

    --Specifically, I think you should look for some guidance on getting the most out of Finale. In this recording it sounds like you may be using the default settings for reverb in Finale, and those are very extreme. It makes the music sit so far back from the listener, as if there's a group of musicians sitting at the back of a stage in a very large, empty auditorium. That's more of a special effect. So, if you don't know how to change the reverb levels, that would be the sort of question to pose in General Discussion.

    --Musically, the "hook" is prominently used, that one measure pattern. Over that, you have various instruments adding notes to a chord progression, and all of that is sounding musically effective. However, there's the constant impression that something more solid, i.e. a melody is going to emerge. Especially when the chords stop, the bass figure comes in again - everything starts over, but never actually develops. When the instruments are in, playing the chords, there's a suggestion of melody, but only for a couple of notes at a time. The voice leading is fractured, so I always had the impression of just the chords sketching out the beginning of a piece.

    --In other words, what you currently have is sounding like the foundation for something, the "backing tracks" which now need a melody on top to tie it all together. Considering your idea, memories, I understand you perhaps want any melodic material to be broken and not complete, but I feel at least some fragments of melody could emerge, perhaps played by solo instruments, like any of the strong woodwinds in GPO.

    Maybe some of that is useful, at least to encourage you to experiment more with the piece, and to start posting in General Discussion where any and all musical topics are welcome.

    And once again, Welcome!


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    Re: My first post: Intangible Memories

    I like this but tend to agree with Randy - I can close me eyes and hear a soaring but melancholy violin over top of this.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: My first post: Intangible Memories

    Hi Joseph,
    Some nice sounds here.
    There is a comp rule that suggest you shouldn't repeat a motif more than 3 times . If you alter the rhythm-
    from 4 8ths 2 quarters to 2 8ths quarter 2 8ths quarter or a dotted pattern- changing just 1 note on each repetition it may help. You probably already do, but think of the total harmony and find a distinct
    melody line to go with the harmony & then a contrasting melody. This is form of course, but you need to walk before you run so to speak.
    After several repetitions transpose a phrase up a fourth and then return. Lengthen note values the last time.
    Just some ideas.
    This is a good start.


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