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Topic: Wildly off topic - composition bb?

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    Wildly off topic - composition bb?

    This is decidedly off-topic, but is there a bb on the net that focuses on music theory, orchestration, etc., that is not sponsored by a gear manufacturer?

    I\'m especially looking for a bb where music professionals (read: instead of \'audio heads\') can discuss and compare their methods and components of musical composition without having to paw through hundreds of repetitive and mostly irrelevant gear-related threads.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, thanks!

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    Re: Wildly off topic - composition bb?

    Sounds like a great idea Doug! You can talk to me.
    What kind of music have you been composing recently?
    I\'ve been working on a dark ambient Indian piece.
    If you want to talk, write me back in the posts on the \'multimedia\' area in this website.

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    Re: Wildly off topic - composition bb?

    That would be rec.music.compose

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