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Topic: Using Backbeat library midi files?

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    Using Backbeat library midi files?

    I have Stylus RMX and the Spectrasonics Backbeat library which comes with the midi files for each audio drum loop. Is there any way to use these midi files with another drum program like NI Studio Drummer or SSD4?
    The problem is that these midi files are not conventional GM midi files. They are
    like the Recycle midi files where the midi notes are sequenced like a scale.
    Can I convert this type of midi file to GM?



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    Re: Using Backbeat library midi files?

    No, the format is conventional midi file but recycle creates these midi files in a way that are strictly coupled with the audio because they play the stream of audio slices of a groove

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    Re: Using Backbeat library midi files?

    Thanks for your reply.Is there any kind of app that will convert
    this REX file format to standard GM? Also, have you worked with
    any of the audio to midi converters?I'm not a drummer, and I would love to use
    Backbeat for its exceptional feel, but would like the flexibility to
    use it to trigger Studio Drummer samples or SSD4.


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    Re: Using Backbeat library midi files?

    with a little googlin' I found this:
    (I hope this is not considered a commercial ad because I'm not involved in any way with Toontrack)

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