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Topic: Name our company and win...

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    Name our company and win...

    For the past few months Sean and I have been shopping our sample cd around to several of the sample cd distributors. All offered great deals and were very pleasant to deal with. However, perhaps inspired by Worra, we have decided to go into buisness for ourselves. We feel that we can offer a great service to gigasampler users with the \"personal\" touch that you do not get anyplace else. We are going to be dedicated to putting out the best quality sample cd\'s for the gigasampler. While we are going to make our packaging as attractive as possible of main focus will always be on what is on the cd not what is around it. After all, how many times have you looked at your AO library case since you loaded them in? We are currently accepting pre-orders for the library which will consist of a three disc set and will sell for $299.00.




    PS. we are having trouble coming up with a name for our newly founded company. Sooo whoever can come up with the best name (as judged by myself and Sean) will get the very first cd off the press at half price!! Good luck!!!

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    Why not use your last names? (I\'m assuming these from your email adresses)

    Christian Lane


    Lane Christian

    The first one sounds better to me. Perhaps you can add a word or two to it, like

    Christian Lane Sound

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    I have a good one:

    \"Magic Mallet\"

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! We have gotten more just by email so if you have posted a suggestion here make sure you email it to us also. We will be sending the cd\'s off for production the first of next week so we should be able to start shipping very soon! So to answer a question that I\'m sure will come up. No, we will not be doing \"one offs\" for our customers. Please keep the input coming in!

    Thanks for everyones support,

    Donnie and Sean

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    In terms of a name, it would be helpful to know what else you and Sean are up to now, and what you plan to do in the feature.

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    As we have more orchestral percussion type supplement cds in the works to compliment the original library, these will most likely be the next volumes out. However, our plan is not to limit the company to percussion libraries. Both of us being percussionists and recognizing the great need for quality samples in this area, it was the obvious starting point.

    Sean and Donnie

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    I am very exited about your perc. library, but don\'t you have a webpage or somewhere else where I can read what instruments are included on the 3 CD-set and how the patches are layered out on the keyboard etc? Some technical facts on the set would be appreciated. I really hope your timpani\'s will kick a** (I heard the demo, and it sounded promising), as I don\'t think there exist any good timpanis outthere yet.


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    Re: Name our company and win...

    Suggestions for company name:
    Donnie\'s n Sean\'s Happy Sunshine Samples
    Evil Hell Samples Inc.
    The Multi-Imperial Nasty Company
    Lane & Son (sorry Donnie)
    Uberweiss Productions
    or maybe something of the more classical:
    Worst Service
    Shut-Up Arts

    Freud, evil copywriter

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    Re: Name our company and win...

    Hi Donny.

    Good luck with your venture, hope it sells well! If you wish to discuss marketing or any other things related to selling sample cd\'s, please feel free to mail me at: biggagiggas@worrasplace.com


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    Re: Name our company and win...

    We are currently making a web site that will have very in depth info on the library. As for the name suggestions; keep suggesting them! We are going to pick a winner on Sat.!


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