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Topic: editing the accordian

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    editing the accordian


    Thank you thank you, thank you, for maintaining and sustaining such a wonderful collection of Giga samples for the public domain. It was motivated my creative use of the Gigasampler, and trying to learn how to use the editor. However, it is difficult for a neophyte to know how to tweak the giga files. I have found the Nemesys tech people on several attempts to be completely uunresponsive to my requests for help, so I write to ask your help and advice on a particular situation.

    I am delighting on the ability to playback midi files using the Conexant GM500 library and in particular, am adding vocal lines to a rendition of Brain Wilson\'s \"God Only Knows\". He uses several interesting instruments, including an accordion. I prefer the sound of the accordion sample available on your site over the larger sample in the Conexant library, because it plays octaves and sounds fuller. Your accordion sample is mapped well except for one note, that of course is used in the song. This note is B4 and plays two octaves below what it should. All other notes play just fine. As I read the editor, the A#4-d51 sample is mapped to 4 keys, one of which is the B4. The B4 plays 2 octaves low, but the others play fine. So, how do I \"tune\" the one sample?

    In addition, if a note in the accordion sample is held as a whole note or longer, the sample loops and a recurring blip starts to be heard. I know the wav sample is short, but is there a way to eliminate the recurring blip? I have found this on some of the organ samples too.

    Thank yo very much for your help. Good luck on your music and keep the site up!!!

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    Re: editing the accordian

    Hi Larry.

    Thanx for your kind words on my site.

    I have fixed the Accordian.gig now and also made the loops better.
    You can download it from my site.

    Since most of the gigs on my site are files that people has sent me, the quality differs a bit, but I try to fix them, if I have the time, and someone points it out to me.

    Strange what you say about NemeSys, in what way have you tried to contact them? Most time I find the very helpful. Dave Govett scans the maillist regulary.

    Hope the project with \"God only knows\" turns out well.


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    Re: editing the accordian


    I\'ll fix the accordian gig and post the new one.
    Thanx for letting me know.


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