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Topic: How could "American Beauty" not win best score???

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    How could \"American Beauty\" not win best score???

    I know this is off the subject, but did anyone catch the oscars last night? How could Thomas Newmans brilliant score for \"American Beauty\" not win? It was such an experimental, original score! The guy has been scoring his off lately and I have to say I was really upset \"The Red Violin\" won.
    For those into soundtrack music that haven\'t heard the score-only CD to \"American Beauty\", go out and get it. It\'s very inspirational and creative.

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    Re: How could \"American Beauty\" not win best score???

    This thread seems more suited for the \"film score monthly\" bulletin board. I\'m sure there are all kinds of \"authorities\" spewing their opinions about this topic right now. Let\'s keep this forum on the topic of sample libraries for Gigasampler, ok?

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    Re: How could \"American Beauty\" not win best score???

    One little detail on Thomas Newman. The American Beauty score is very similar to his earlier work on \"Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael\" (one of my favorite films) He has always been rather creative and innovative. He does rip himself off a good bit but that is better than borrowing from everyone else or John Williams. (Like I do quite often)

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    Re: How could \"American Beauty\" not win best score???

    The score to American Beauty was very creative but failed to work as a whole. The score to The Red Violin sounded very polished to me (he had a year or two to write it). Corigliano is a wonderful composer all around, most of his stuff is very contemporary. I wouldn\'t give much thought to these awards, most of them are based on the hype surrounding the film. In my mind, The Red Violin and American Beauty were the top two.

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    Re: How could \"American Beauty\" not win best score???

    I agree, the American Beauty should have won. It works admirably well in the movie, and that is the fact that should be taken in account when the guys in big leather chairs are \"reviewing\" the score.
    Unfortunately that doesnt always seem to happen.

    I don\'t think I would call it \"to rip himself off\". Thomas Newman has found his own style and this style is what makes him an attractive selection among directors. The mellow music doesn\'t stand up quite so well as pure listening material, but I really admire him for his skills, and I find it refreshing that he doesn\'t crave for that big hollywood orchestra sound all the time. (Anyway he is hired for movies that such orchestration wouldn\'t fit that well into).
    I guess there\'s some truth in what you say, Dave, he probably rips himself off a bit, but everbody does! And few people (especially in the film scoring business, where deadlines are so limiting in terms of creativity and originality) are able to create something new , original and exciting every time they are assigned to a music project. Now, if you compare him to say, James Horner....

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    Re: How could \"American Beauty\" not win best score???

    Well personally I would have wanted Williams to win. Angelas Ashes is a masterpiece. But, after that I agree that Thomas Newman\'s score was very nice. I did something inspired by this style recently actually
    Then again, I never heard The Red Violin, so I can\'t say it was a bad score.

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