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Topic: Editor suggestions

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    Editor suggestions

    I\'ve only had my mitts on the programme for two days, so excuse me if I\'ve missed something which is actually already there.
    1. Invert the colour of any keys on the instrument editor keyboard map which are
    receiving midi - it helps to pinpoint where in the range you\'re playing and hence which
    region you\'re activating.
    2. When you left click on a keyboard note in the editor screen, it should sound the note.
    saves having to reach for the keyboard all the time.
    3. A simple Octave switch for a whole instrument.
    4. A few user defineable templates for case properties eg., if you have a particular shape you\'d like all the envelopes on a string patch to have , you just select it.
    5. Why doesn\'t an instrument which you\'ve just loaded into the editor simply download
    itself to the sampler automatically?

    Please email me of you know something you think I\'m missing.

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    Re: Editor suggestions

    He he,
    Your suggestions are familiar

    Basically, aeons ago there were some huge postings about what was wrong with the editor (what was right? i ask). I dunno if you can still access those old messages on this forum, you should have a look, but the guys at Nemesys said they were taking heed. I personally must have posted about 30 suggestions, among other people. If they really have listened then Gigastudio promises to be VERY interesting.


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