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Topic: Ulimate Strings GIGA

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    Ulimate Strings GIGA

    I was just listening to the demo of the Ultimate Strings GIGA, and it mentioned that some sections were \"recorded using up and down strokes\" for added realism. Does this mean that you can somehow control this. In other words, one sample is up strokes, and another is down?

    Also, any pointers to suggestions for making MIDI orchestral parts more realistic, would be appreciated.


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    Re: Ulimate Strings GIGA

    I was wondering the same thing , Im a guitarist by nature not a orchestrator , so I wasn\'t really sure the value of the seperate up and down strokes . I guess you would want to alternatly use them back and forth , up, down , up, down.But that doesn\'t really make sence either because if the down strokes are in one key note region and the up strokes are in another region . And your playing your song that happens to have several notes sequencially that are all in the same range , then you have a bunch of the same direction strokes together . Well maybe some one else can shed some light . Ken

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    Re: Ulimate Strings GIGA

    I find the use of alternating samples most, er, useful when the strings are playing quick repeated notes (more than about 6 per second). The ear very quickly tires of hearing exactly the same sound as often as that and the result sounds very artificial. The simple process of alternating samples makes a wonderful difference.

    I use Advanced Orchestra which requires the use of good old \"Smart Access\" to change samples. It is not too difficult. I put the smart access notes on another track which goes to the same MIDI channel as the notes I actually want to hear. Alternating samples is then simply a case of placing alternating notes on the smart access track. (I find non-legato f alternating with detache f most effective.)

    As far as general techniques for realism go, listen to my orchestral suite pieces (two so far) on www.mp3.com/SymphoniaX and see whether you think I have achieved the realism you like. I am happy to share my ideas, but you should know what you\'re getting.

    All the best,

    Richard Cox.

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