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Topic: New Piano For GS

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    New Piano For GS

    I have just uploaded two MP3-files with a piano I am working on: \"Reflets Dans l\'Eau\" and \"Piano Intro\". I would greatly appreciate any input on these recordings. I am particularly interested in opinions on EQ, since I don\'t trust my monitoring 100%. The files were uploaded to Northern Sounds Demo Page.
    Thanks, Hans
    P.S. I don\'t see my MP3\'s on the download page yet, but I hope they will be up soon.

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    Re: New Piano For GS

    Hans, the tone of the piano is beautiful. I liked it a lot. There is too much mp3 damage in this encoding for my taste, I\'d experiment with different encoders and maybe 96 isn\'t a high enough rate for encoding (although there were also some bad artifacts on your one with the higher encoding rate)

    Also the noise floor on the recording was way too high for a digital recording, sounded like a low soundblaster output with too much gain later or maybe amplified dither noise.

    From these demos though it sounds like a great piano. Is this going to be another commercial product? If so, the piano players here are soon to have an embarrassment of riches, which is great. Yours sounds like a nicely voiced Steinway, are ALL the new piano sets coming out S&S?

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    Re: New Piano For GS

    Thanks for your input Sam!

    Regarding the noise floor, it is too early to judge where it\'s gonna be in the finished instrument, because I\'m in the middle of the whole process of doing the piano all over again. I am using an earlier version EQ\'d.

    I used a Xing MP3 encoder. Which MP3-player did you use to play the files? I noticed that using RealPlayer gave lot of distortion when downloading. Windows MediaPlayer gave a cleaner representation. If you used Windows MediaPlayer: Could it be too much high frequency boost in my samples that is responsible?

    The piano is a Malmsjö grand from 1894. It is a wonderful instrument built in Sweden. I will make it available for purchase if there is interest when it is finished.

    I also want to clarify that \"Reflets Dans l\'Eau\" is composed by Claude Debussy (1862-1918). The Piano Intro is eight bars which I copied from a Billie Holiday recording I was using as reference material when applying some neccessary EQ. I guess I was too much in a hurry to post it to add a readme file.

    Also, I uploaded a 5Mb with the whole piece (Debussy), but I have only been able too download half of the file. I don\'t know why. I think the better half is missing.

    Thanks again, Hans.

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    Re: New Piano For GS

    I played it back with WinAmp. I think
    the Xing encoder is far from the better
    sounding ones like Lame and Fraun. It
    sounds like your piano will sound very
    nice on subtle classical pieces which is
    excellent, I bet there will be some demand
    for it if it plays as well as the demos
    suggest it could.

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    Re: New Piano For GS

    WOW!! This is what I\'ve been waiting for... a very nice sounding piano for traditional jazz piece. The EQ is perfect for that purpose. I\'m surprised that this piano is over 100 yrs old, sounds very nice.

    One thing I noticed on some of the keys in Piano Intro, the hammer seems to emit very noticable distortion. Please verify if this is sample cutting problem or it\'s from the piano.

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    Re: New Piano For GS

    Thanks for kind words, Abi!
    I am aware of mechanical noises in the samples that need to be cleaned up. I also did only a sloppy rough cut of the samples for the version on the recording.

    If you count \"Piano Intro\" in eight bars - could you tell me in which bar the distorted notes appear?


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    Re: New Piano For GS

    Hans, I’ve spent the last hour listening to your demos (loaded into Sound Forge) and I must say that this is a piano I’d love to add to my library - nice three dimensional recording and a lovely sounding instrument. It worked especially well with rooms designed in Cakewalk’s FX3, gracefully creating a very realist illusion. It also didn’t hurt that you chose to use the Debussy as one of your demo pieces; it’s one of my very favorite pieces of music and told me more about how this piano would work with my compositions than virtually any other piece you could have chosen. With a little house cleaning and polish you have a winner here (but don’t make any fundamental changes). Personally, I don’t even mind the occasional mechanical noise so long as it’s true to the sound of the actual instrument. I’d be first in line to purchase it when you’re ready. Nice work.

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    Re: New Piano For GS

    Hans, the sample sounds quite, quite good. I confess that my work (and my background) is strictly classical; so that\'s my bias. The sample is useful (unlike so many others), because it allows the potential buyer to hear sustained notes, which is essential to evaluating the piano. Pieces like Chopin\'s Minute Waltze are not useful for sample evaluations.

    I\'m listening through absolutely cheap computer speakers, but the tone and the tuning sound quite natural. I, too, am not bothered by the mechanical intrusions into the pure sound. Sound which is too pure often gives away the \"sampled\" character of the piano. Truan\'s Steinway B, which is the piano I mostly use for my work at mp3.com, sometimes errs in this way. That is to say, it is almost too perfect.

    Please provide your email so that I (and others) may contact you about getting a hold of this excellent sample!

    John http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: New Piano For GS


    Nice to hear a demo that features lyrical playing, the type of playing that I do! So many demos of pianos seem to avoid this type of playing!

    I love the resonance of this piano, which to my ears, sounds very natural. This is an excellent sounding piano. I hope you will be able to develop it to the point of being able to sell it to guys like me!

    Excellent work.


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    Re: New Piano For GS

    Excellent! This sample sounds much more realistic than what is available now. I would be very interested in purchasing it once you finish it. I am a classical pianist, so it is hard to find any samples that sound natural. I would be quick to add this to my library.

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