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Topic: No sound from Conexant clavinet

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    No sound from Conexant clavinet

    I have had the Conexant 500 meg GM set for a few days, and while some of the sounds are quite good, the clavinet at preset 008 doesn\'t make any sound at all! I\'ve erased and reloaded this preset, but it still doesn\'t work. Has anyone else run into this or is it just my copy?

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    Re: No sound from Conexant clavinet

    The Clavinet was found to have a output channel offset (in theMix/Layer Tab in the editor), which would bus the output to (the number of offset channels) above the one that you load the instrument into. You can easily edit this to \'0\' as it should be, which will fix the problem. This has been fixed for the next run. Our appologies for that. Glad that you are enjoying it - I use it quite a bit myself! Cheers, -jim

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