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Topic: Best GM drum sets?

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    Best GM drum sets?

    I have a quick project and want to use the best gm drums I can find. Anyone have a clue?


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    Re: Best GM drum sets?

    I\'ve tried 2 GM drum kits: Acoustic Essentials and Bob Clearmountain Drums 2. In my opinion Acoustic Essentials has the most realistic sounding and even loudness throughout all instruments. You also have individual snares to choose from if you\'re not satisfied with the one included in the drum kit.

    With BC Drums 2, the snares sounds weak and not real. The cymbals sounds too loud and in my opinion not useful.

    With 59 bucks on the AE, it\'s a steal... also you\'ll get acoustic guitar strums and acoustic bass.

    None of these drum kits have percussion though (cowbell, conga, bongo etc)...

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    Re: Best GM drum sets?

    You can get Acoustic Essentials from Bigga Giggas online store, check http://www.worrasplace.com


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    Re: Best GM drum sets?

    I just got the Conexant 500 meg GM set. The GM drum kit is okay, not brilliant, but it does have a lot of the percussion that is missing from other kits however. Also the levels are pretty compatible with most GM sequences. It makes a good starting point in putting together GM drum kits. That\'s my plan anyway.

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    Re: Best GM drum sets?

    This is one of the first reports on GM500.
    Could you be elaborate a bit on the rest of the instruments, Laurence?

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    Re: Best GM drum sets?

    The sounds are good overall, some of them are great, some just ok. The clavinet on mine doesn\'t make any sound whatsoever. The drums have some of the percussion that\'s missing from other drum sets. There is only one drum kit. No variations. You have to load midi sequences by dragging them over the Gigasampler window. This loads the appropriate sounds into Gigasampler and also starts your default sequencer with the proper sequence loaded. This is a little akward but usable. All the patches are numbered except for the drum kit. If you have the GM patches loaded, then load your sequencer with a GM file that has a drum program assignment, the drums will be assigned to whatever non-drum GM voice has the same program number. That is kind of frustrating. The collection is not that expensive, and overal is well worth the cost in spite of these flaws.

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