Hello all !

I'm new to the forum and very exited to be here.

I am somehow shy as I write this because I lack music education but I feel music inside me in a way hard to describe. Even though I do like my music, showing my work to you folks is a far leap from showing it to my friends+family (and very slim fan base hahaha).

If you have the time, I would be honored to have you visit www.gammamusic.com.

Everest is the first piece there. It is inspired by the ever beating heart of those men and women who have tackled the Himalayan Titan just because it is there. This song is the first piece of an album I hope to put together called "Like Angels" dedicated those occasions in which humanity has shown how high may our spirits fly.

The rest of the songs you will find also belong to this album, but not to abuse your time, I was thinking of asking for your opinion on them in separate posts in a few days.

Thanks in advance !