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Topic: Conexant GM vs JV2080

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    I have a Roland JV1080 with the Pop and Orchestral expansions. I have programmed a custom GM set using the Roland\'s built-in GM as the basis and then replacing certain instruments with other samples from the expansion ROMs. I have also made custom GM sets using a Kurzweil K2000 (as well as the older 1000 series of modules), ditto with Alesis QS modules and Emu Proteus modules.

    Taken as a whole, I regard the Conexant GM500 as superior to any of these efforts. Also, the GM500 set should be easy to modify - eg., rename your favorite piano file to 001.gig and replace the same-named file in the GM500 directory.

    Most GM files are orchestrated to sound best on the Roland Sound Canvas boxes. A nice thing about the GM500 is that it seems to have very similar musical balance. GigaStudio will further support the \"GS\" standard by using the same MIDI controls to change effects settings.

    The most desirable enhancement to GM500 that I can think of is to add a few more Drum Kits (Room, Brush, TR-808, etc.). The included Standard Kit is superb, however.

    Unlike ROM based samples, the GM500 sounds do require pre-loading. I made a Performance which includes all 128 instruments plus the drum kit. On a 450 MHz machine it takes 4.0 minutes to load the Performance. (It also requires 196 Megs of RAM as a minimum.) The advantage of loading everything is that GS will respond to all 128 program change messages. Among other benefits, this will speed up play between songs. GigaStudio is expected to drastically reduce loading times which will make pre-loading even more attractive. Also, the new Effects in Studio should make it easy to produce killer arrangements.

    BTW, the \"Conexant Player\" is \"built in\" to Gigasampler version 1.6 - it is not a stand alone program as many of us had thought.

    Joe Hardy

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    Gigapiano makes a great Megapiano replacement by the way. Especially the Gigapiano \"light\" version. They are exactly the same volume and respond very similarly. They sound like they are based on the same set of samples even, except that Gigapiano does sound much better. Just make a copy and rename it 001.gig and put it in the GM500 subdirectory.

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    I just realized that I oversimplified a little. To replace Megapiano with Gigapiano Light do the following:

    In the GM500 directory, rename 001.gig to 001.bak

    Open Gigapiano in the editor.

    Delete instrument \"1 GB Acoustic Grand w/Resonance Model.

    Delete wav directory \"Release\".

    Open properties of \"Light Acoustic Grand\" and change program number from 1 to 0.

    Save as 001 in the GM500 directory.

    This will give your GM sequences a better sounding piano that is already voiced perfectly.

    Now to start working on that drumkit...

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    Conexant GM vs JV2080


    I was wondering if anyone who\'s used the Conexant GM samples could compare the results to a decent dedicated sound module like the Roland JV2080. I\'d be interested in knowing whether the Conexant samples sound better. Also, if they\'re not better but in the same ballpark, I have the following question: Do you suppose there are benefits in sequencing wiht the Conexant set if your intention is to later replace some of the samples with bigger Gigasampler instruments?

    I generally start out sequencing a tune with JV2080 sounds and then try to replace tracks with Gigasampler instruments. But very often there\'s LOTS of tweaking required, at least, and rerecording of the sequence at most because the groove is not right (not to mention velocity tweaking). This is perhaps partly because of differences in latency that I\'m getting between the JV2080 and Giga.

    But I\'m wondering if the amount of work I\'d have to do would be LESS if I started out with Connexant sounds rather than JV sounds? Anyone have any input on that?

    thanks and regards,

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    Some time ago I launched the idea of having a software arranger like Jammer Live (www.soundtrek.com) to work with GM500. http://www.synthworld.com/cgi-bin/foru mdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=General+Arranger+ Keyboard+Forum&number=37&DaysPrune=30&LastLogin=

    The idea caught on but encountered several problems. Some of you might be interested in this discussion achieving a completely software based realtime arranger using GS as sound engine.

    Here\'s the conclusion of Frank who ran the \'software only\' idea through a first reality check.

    Before I dismantled my system and got rid of it, I also loaded the total GM500. I have a faster computer than you decribed and it took longer than 4 minutes. Who wants to even take that long each time you sit down to a session.

    But most importantly, program changes from both Jammer Live and Music Companion did not work. In addition, program changes did not work in playing a series of songs. You still need to go to the computer shut down the sequencer, drag the next song via mouse across the face of GigaSampler to play the song with appropriate voicing. You had to do this for each song.

    Finally, and very importantly even with all 128 GM500 voices loaded, I could not send program changes from my controller keyboard. I was using one of the better controller keyboards - Roland A70.

    Also, I know my system worked as it should since I could easily call up the appropriate voices from the sound card in the computer. So the correct messages were getting thru!

    Oh, and for those who may be interested, I also acquired Sonic Implants GM24 (24 MB General Midi set of voices). What a pile a garbage this was!!! There were one or two good solo brass sounds and that was it. The accoustic pianos at the lower register sound more like somebody being clubed over the head. It was terrible. The moral of the story is - the bigger the samples does not mean the better the sound. Roland gets better more musical sounds out of 4 MB of ROM!

    The quality of the GM500 wavetable is also very uneven as I pointed out in another thread on this forum.

    Let\'s face it this stuff is not ready for live performances - not nearly!!! If you want to spend the big bucks and work in a studio then this is not a bad way to go. Clearly you would pick better sounds than the GM500.

    Thank you

    Frank L. Rosenthal

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    Regarding the Sonic Implants 24M GM Soundfont set, like Frank, I am very unimpressed. As I said in another post, the only two instruments that I like are the t-bone and the soprano sax. By comparison, I much prefer the 8 Meg Emu set supplied with the Soundblaster Live.

    It is a shame that Jammer Live does not seem to want to work with GS. Even using the Hubi drivers, MIDI communication just will not happen. I have no trouble at all with Cakewalk - AND - all program changes work faultlessly (with the full GM set pre-loaded). When a new sequence is loaded (from within Cakewalk, not by dragging it onto GS), it is ready to play instantly. If Cakewalk can work, it seems logical that Jammer could be made to work as well if Soundtrek were motivated to do so.

    While Frank is understandably disappointed that the GS/Conexant/JLive does not seem at this point to be a viable replacement for a Yamaha PSR-9000, I cannot agree that the Conexant GM kit suffers by comparison with the 4 meg Roland set or any soundcard in my acquaintance. I have been putzing around with GM sets for years and I can tell you I am DELIGHTED with the Conexant set!

    Joe Hardy

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    Here is a demo of the Conexant 500mb general midi in our users demo area. Heres the link to the mp3 file. http://www.northernsounds.com/demos/orchestra/Gue/windgame.mp3

    It was done by Gueorgui Tcherkin he is from Austria currently at Mozarteum\'s University of Salzburg.

    Check it out I think its excellent. don\'t forget to check his readme file. http://www.northernsounds.com/demos/orchestra/Gue/readme.txt

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    Hi All
    The giga sampler is a great unit for emulating real sounds , some of the pianos and string libraries etc that have been done in giga format exceed the realizm of the Roland 2080, but alot of the sounds on the jv 2080 are alot more inspiring and wonderful sounding compared to anything that I have heard on the giga sampler , because they so extensively use so much layering and movement in the stereo field and great programing , which I haven\'t seen rivaled yet in a sound library for the giga sampler . I think giga sampler has the hardware caspabilities to do what there doing with the 2080 but no one has recorded a cd with that much programing creativity for it yet.

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    I have a JV 2080 loaded with eight expansion cards. Gigasampler plows away the sounds on all the real sampled instruments. I hardly use them anymore. On the other hand the Roland still shines at the synth sounds. The Vintage Synth card for instance still gets pretty heavy use, as does the Techno card (though I wish they hadn\'t wasted so much of the space on those silly loops). The synth sounds are just one of the things the JV is supposed to do well, but at this point, it\'s all I use it for.

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    Re: Conexant GM vs JV2080

    By the way, anyone who is using any of the Roland JV instruments should check out the editing program \"Changeit\" by Jürgen Moßgraber. Its at free and it\'s at http://aragon.iitb.fhg.de/moss/Work.html . The latest version is 1.11. It\'s a great program. It also supports the Korg 01w, but I have no experience with that instrument. If you have a JV or XP you need to get this program.

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