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Topic: Steinway B again again

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    Steinway B again again

    I recently bought the Steinway B for Gigasampler, and am a bit unsatisfied with it. Overall it has a better sound for orchestral work than the Yamaha one I think, but some of the mid-high notes seem to have a very bad and very noticable transition from mf to f, and the change seems to occur too soon (velocity 100 or less??). I read about someone doing tweaks to the Bosendorfer piano - is there any good tweaking to do on the Steinway, because it doesn\'t sound very good that the transition between mf and f is so damn audiable.


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    Re: Steinway B again again

    Try applying Sam\'s \'Darkendorfer\' trick. The post\'s subject is \'Make a great piano better!\'. Steinway B sounds MUCH better with Sam\'s trick.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Steinway B again again

    Thanks, but where can I read about this trick? Do I have to go back 5 months or so in this forum, or can I read about the modification on some homepage?


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    Re: Steinway B again again

    Simon: here it is, word for word!
    Here\'s one for the Boesendorfer guys:
    Load the Boesendorfer in the instrument editor. Copy the Boesie 275 instrument and paste it to make another instrument, put that one on channel 1 and call it \'Darkendorfer\'. Save the gig, that\'ll take a couple of minutes.

    Lock down all the dimensions and select the whole key range (all keys yellow). Go to case properties, select filter tab. Give it a lowpass filter, midi control mod wheel, velocity curve linear, and highest velocity sensitivity. Set the min cutoff to 40. Apply the filter. Now select the filter min cutoff from the shortcut menus, and use the linear tool. Drag the min cutoff on the highest note up to about 57, so the min cutoff is a line from 40 on the lowest note to 57 on the highest. Save the gig, and fire up GS! (and select the darkendorder...)

    With the mod wheel all the way up, Darkendorfer is fully bright, the same as the old 275 patch. With the wheel down, it\'s wonderfully dark and soft on soft strikes, but brightens and comes alive with harder strikes. The filter really takes the edge off the rich bright sample and gives a much broader range of expression.

    Amazingly nice, IMO, try your favorite dark piece and tell me what you think!

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    Re: Steinway B again again

    I\'ve applied Sam\'s Bos tweak to GigaPiano and now GigaPiano is unbelievably useful! To tweak this, you need to apply it on 2 regions. Gigapiano has the lower region (sustained region - F6 and below, unsustained region - F#6 and above). For the linear tool, make the lower region 40 to 52 and the upper region 52 to 57. With the mod wheel all the way up, GigaPiano sounds great! (IMHO). You may think that this still sound crappy, but I\'m convinced I can use this sample now in my tunes.

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