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Topic: hi hats question

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    hi hats question

    I converted Ross Garfield Doctor Drums to GS format and have a trouble with hi hats.
    When I hit the closed hi hat, the 0pen hi hat keep sounding, producing a non rellistic and undesirable effect.
    How I can edit the hi hats for solve that problem?
    please, I need some advice.

    lobinho, ecortina@uol.com.ar

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    Re: hi hats question

    You can\'t, at least with the current version of GigaSampler. GigaStudio may have mutual exclusion implemented when it\'s released but for now, you have to do what I do and put a short decay on the open hat.

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    Re: hi hats question

    What if, instead of assigning the samples to separate keys, you assigned them to separate layers on the same key? Then you could use a controller (eg damper pedal - just like a real hi hat)to switch layers from closed to open. Wouldn\'t the GS kill the open hat sample playback when it switched from the open layer to the closed layer?

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    Re: hi hats question

    Yes, Rick\'s idea works fine using sustain pedal as a dimension switch and having the open sample on the pedal down dimension, with a release time tight enough - so open hi hat will be triggered off by taking the foot off the pedal. Yes, if you\'re a drummer it will be helpful to have a foot pedal (like many fatar and other models) with switchable polarity so that you can play the open hi hat with your foot off the pedal.

    Also, GigaStudio does support the traditional \'key group\' style if you prefer the traditional method.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: hi hats question

    You can make your self a 4 inch cord to switch the polarity . Make it with a female stereo plug on one side and a male stereo plug on the other side . Put it together like you would any cord that you solder but at one end hook negitive to the positive pole and hook the positive to the negative pole on the connector.

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