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Topic: Help with Advanced Orchestra

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    Help with Advanced Orchestra

    Greetings. I\'m a new Gigasampler user, with much professional experience with orchestras as well as with electronic instruments (though I\'m not a programmer at all).

    I just got AO yesterday, and loaded it. So far, it sounds terrible, with nothing usable at all. It doesn\'t even stand up to the ancient Roland U-220 sample playback unit in the basement. Obviously, I\'m doing something terribly wrong.

    I\'m not an ultra purist. The Gigapiano sounds quite good to me and is more than usable for professional projects. The demos for AO sound very good. However, I can\'t come close to the quality of any of those sounds.

    I have a brand new Dell PIII at 733mhz, with 128 MB of the ultra fast Rambus Ram. Again, the piano sounds great, so the system CAN function.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    With my thanks in advance,

    Mitch Farber

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    Re: Help with Advanced Orchestra

    I had the same experience when I first got AO. Try right clicking on the gig you want to open and selecting only the one that has Key at the end of the name. That is your basic sound. Works for me.


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    Re: Help with Advanced Orchestra

    I use Cakewalk 9.0 as sequencer. The sound card is the Dell-supplied Sound Blaster Live Value card.

    I noticed that the demos I\'ve heard for AO are quite heavy on the instrumental effects (glissandi, flashy crescendos, etc.) and light on solo instrumental lines. Is AO capable of playing single line melodies which sound pretty much like the real instrument?

    Thanks again.

    Mitch Farber

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    Re: Help with Advanced Orchestra


    You might want to check out the sample composisions that poeple have posted to this site (my own, blush, included)at http://northernsounds.com/demos/

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    Re: Help with Advanced Orchestra

    I am pressed for time so I\'ll elaborate more on this later but you need to under stand that only after you get the sounds into your sequencer (btw which one are you using) can you get the sound you are after. Add a little reverb and eq and it will make a world of difference.

    more later,

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    Re: Help with Advanced Orchestra


    I have been using AO for a few months, now. I do orchestral music in a formal, \"classical\" style. Getting the solo instruments to sound good is a challenge, particularly the strings. I had to do a bit of editing to achieve half decent legato, in particular.

    I have two pieces on MP3.com which might be of some interest:

    Orchestral Suite V - Allegro (Opening)
    This uses GS for strings, woodwind and horns. There is prominent string writing here.

    Pirates Of Penzeance Overture (Str Qtt)
    Uses GS for everything - two string quartets playing at the same time. I don\'t take this piece at all seriously, it was an excercise to try out AO solo strings.

    Of course you may think that I have not been able to do any better than average. But, if you like what you hear, let me know and I will gladly share what tips I have.


    (While you are there, please listen to \"Street Dance\" which uses GigaPiano.)


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