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Topic: GIGA pianos

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    GIGA pianos

    who know something about Bosendorfer Piano GIGA or Steinway B Grand Piano GIGA produced by EASTWEST? i\'m going to buy one or booth, but i would like listening some comments about them... there is a RealAudio demo on SoundsOnline but it\'s not enought..

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    Re: GIGA pianos

    Look at the old posts in this group, lots of discussions on these. I play an edited version of the Boesendorfer (I described how to edit it in an old post) and it\'s excellent.


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    Re: GIGA pianos

    thanks Sam... i\'m reading...
    another thing...
    i\'m searching for a very good master keyboard.. i have changed home and i cant put my piano in the new house... so want continue playing with giga, a very good sample piano and a very good keyboard...
    any suggestions on producer/model?

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    Re: GIGA pianos

    I\'ve tried Sam\'s modification on the Steinway and the Bos: it\'s very, very useful. You can play with the variables, too, to get your preferred filtering. I happen to like the Steinway best of all, but now I think it\'s even better with Sam\'s neat editing ideas. (He should post some more! And tell me how to preserve the controller setting in the sequencer!) The Steinway has an annoying twangyness to it... the Bos I find a bit \"boxy\" sounding. The Yamaha is incredibly odd-sounding to me, but has a useful soft layer.

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    Re: GIGA pianos

    yes i have experience in filtering...
    i have \"constructed\" a steinway b from the ultimate pianos collection vol 1 fro AKAI..
    i have taken the soft and loud layers, and i have build a third layer crossfading (every single sample) the attack layer
    (short samples without decay) into the loud layer.. then i have add resonant filter to the loud layer making a softer transition
    between the soft-loud layers...
    131mb of piano... playing softly it\'s good... it has probs on loud basses...
    take a listen to: http://atm.idic.caos.it/noc14_F#.mp3

    john.. have u some suggestions about buying a master keyboard for playing piano?

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    Re: GIGA pianos

    TB, I just listened to the mp3. My studio\'s in flux so I don\'t have a proper monitoring environment right now but that sounded great. I love Chopin, but I didn\'t see that piece in any of my books, too bad, great tune!

    John, I\'ll post piano tuning ideas as I get them, but I\'m not going to have much spare time for the next couple of months. 8^( I\'ll probably squeeze in piano playing but I\'m afraid I won\'t do much editing and recording. Hmmph. You know what I think would be fun and I bet the editor would allow it is to make pianos tuned to different temperaments, this could be really excellent for the well tempered clavier stuff!

    On controllers, there\'s so many good 88 weighted keys now. If you need features like aftertouch, pitch and mod wheels and assignable controllers and split zones your choices narrow somewhat (I like these features for synth work, but they\'re not necessary for piano playing though again as a patch programmer you could make good use of them)

    I like my QS8, the keybed is made by Fatar. It\'s too light to play like a real piano but if you play it like what it is it\'s easy to control and feels good. QS8.1s are supposed to have the same keybed, but they feel different to me. Lots of other companies use Fatar actions (Kurzweil, GEM, Ensoniq, some Korgs I think, some others). There are a few models of Fatar actions, some feel not great, some feel very good to me, but they\'re all lighter than piano actions and they feel flat and gassy if you play them like a real piano (so you play them lightly with your fingers, and they don\'t push you back, so you have to withdraw your fingers, drives some people nuts!)

    Some Rolands have a nice heavier action (A90, rd600, fp9). I like a bunch of the recent Yamaha actions (p200, s200) and I think the korg SG-1 might use a yamaha action.

    Oh yeah, John I bet you have your sequencer set to \'zero all controllers when play stops\', try getting rid of that.

    Whew, I didn\'t mean to type this much, have fun!


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    Re: GIGA pianos

    About controllers: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~bunce/control.htm

    Yamaha S80, P200, (http://www.musicianreview.com/review...uct_9682.shtml)

    Roland A90 (http://www.harmony-central.com/Synth...d/A90-rev.html) http://www.synthzone.com/msg/rolmessages/2532.html http://www.timwhite.home.avana.net/music/a90.html
    Roland RD600
    Fatar Studio 1100 (about $1000 these days)
    Fatar keyboard (action) also used in Kurzweil http://www.sospubs.co.uk/search/query.asp

    Kurzweil PC88(MX) http://www.sospubs.co.uk/search/query.asp
    Kurz also demonstrated a new PC2 at Namm: http://www.soniccontrol.com/winternamm2000/info/kurzpc2.shtml

    Oberheim (new site: http://www.oberheim.com/)

    Korg: http://www.korg.com/sgprox.htm

    Samick : http://www.samick.co.kr/samick998/englishhtml/products/digital/digital_piano_index.htm

    My preferecnes: if you have the money: A90, S80

    If not: a steal is the older (softer playing) Fatar (no sounds either)

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    Re: GIGA pianos

    well sam... i searching for a very \"feel like\" keyb... i play classical music, so aftertouch, pitch ecc are not necessary

    elle.. thanks..

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    Re: GIGA pianos

    sam i mean \"feel like piano\" controller

    the mp3 is a nocturne n°14 in F # minor..

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