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Topic: Brushed Snare

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    Brushed Snare

    Does anyone know of a good brushed snare for GS? - I\'m not looking for brush hits, but for \"brushing\", in circles on the drum. Suitable for cool jazz...

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    Re: Brushed Snare

    There is a gig called Brush Kit for download at Worra\'s that is kinda nice. I believe there is brushed snare contained on it.


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    Re: Brushed Snare

    donnie, it seems that we might be doing the same thing here. I\'m planning a few volumes of Drum gigas. Maybe we can combine forces here. E-mail me at ohthat@earthlink.net. I wouldnt mind discussing what I\'m doing in hopes of getting the best Drum gigas ever created.

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    Re: Brushed Snare

    brush kits of every kit we do in Vol. II of our drum library will be available. We will also be doing rod kits too.


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