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Topic: Jazz & Big Band 3 as a VSTi in Acoustica Mixcraft 5

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    Jazz & Big Band 3 as a VSTi in Acoustica Mixcraft 5

    I'm attempting to get Jazz & Big Band 3 installed in my host, Acoustica Mixcraft 5, however, since J&BB is a 64-bit app and Mixcraft only works with 32-bit plugins, I've had to resort to using JBridge to bridge between the two, but without success. When I start Mixcraft, it fails to load J&BB as a plugin. So, what I'd like to know, at this point, is whether Garritan makes Jazz & Big Band 3 in a 32-bit version and, if so, what I need to do to get that. Thanks.


    UPDATE: If there is no 32-bit version of JBB, can someone direct me to a VST host that is known to be compatible with JBB, please? Thanks.

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    Re: Jazz & Big Band 3 as a VSTi in Acoustica Mixcraft 5

    Cause of your problem: Mixcraft
    Solution: Invest in suitable sequencing/recording software such as Cubase, Sonar, Logic etc.
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