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Topic: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

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    Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    Hello I am looking for a while to fill background violins and solo instruments but not the only ones together some good sounding chorus violins realistic and clear did not hurry a good symphony MID everything sounds bad and annoying and pretty good high without deep ear




    Very bad sound background or solo together there are plenty of MID annoying and unpleasant to the ear worse.


    MID worse very annoying and irritating to the ear is not pleasant at all difficult to work even mix with EQ

    Meanwhile symphobia deepest sounds clean and clear but lacks the SOLO articulations

    I'm looking for such articulations principle but of course not a single violin of these few together


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    Re: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    Features & Demos

    Sounds very nice listen for
    creating 3

    alex Wallbank - Electron
    That's about the direction I'm
    looking for violins sound like if high and low ear beautiful beautiful sound MID
    middle ear not hear annoying

    Who hears it understands what direction my head around, of course not exactly,
    but the basis is that it sounds nice

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    Re: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    I'm not certain I understand everything you are trying to communicate, but as well as Cinematic Strings (via Alex) that you mentioned, you could also c/o the new Adagio from 8DIO, due for release May 7. Then of course there is Hollywood Strings from EWQL, which is a very powerful library. Hope that helps.

    PS: if you are using some sort of a translation program such as Google Translate, you may wish to try other options as well.
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    Re: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    What are you listening to these libraries with? It sounds like you are using speakers that have too much mid range. Both VSL and LASS are very popular libraries because of their sound.


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    Re: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    ALBION - Spitfire Audio is the best I heard so far
    And you hear it you will understand what sound I mean.
    mid is not annoying to the ear If pure sound beautiful color



    I liked the individual VSL

    Great sound and deep, but dry

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    Re: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    Quote Originally Posted by chai05 View Post

    Very bad sound background or solo together there are plenty of MID annoying and unpleasant to the ear worse.

    You must understand that all VSL instruments are recorded in their special studio and the samples are completely dry and without color. You need to use EQ and reverb to put the instruments into a real space before you can hear what they really sound like.

    I use VSL instruments in VE Pro with MIR and there are special settings for each instrument or group. There is also Vienna Suite which has hundreds of specially designed presets for each instrument or group, ie reverb, EQ etc.

    VSL is a big investment but once you have used Vienna Instruments Pro and played around with all the possible articulations, you'll be amazed I'm sure.

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    Re: Looking for violin, cello, viola good

    It does not matter now realistic I'm looking for what sounds the best raw material for recording.

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