This is the music that will go with my soon to be released novel. It is a sequel to the first novel: The Reach Beyond Tomorrow. The piece I present is a tone poem based on the six movements I have already written. The 6 movement work was over 35 minutes in length. This presentation has taken ideas form each of the movements and combined them into one 12 minute work as a tone poem.

These are all Garritan samples and rendered by Aria in Finale 2011.

Look for the book this coming Fall. Here is a brief description of the novel:

There is other life out there in the universe, but, is it human. What constitutes being human? Earth has already discovered another intelligent life and they have returned to Earth as its brothers. Is their other life out there? Will they too discover Earth? What if they are not human in anyway and don’t understand or appreciate the qualities of being human? Is humanity, culture, art, literature and painting just mere symbolism, or does it define the characteristics of being human. The Earth and its newly found brothers, The Family of Man, slowly begin to discover the truth. Are we ready?

Chaos Dreams - A Tone Poem