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Topic: Happy Earth Day!

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    Happy Earth Day!

    Happy Earth Day everyone! I thought since it was Earth Day, I would repost my little fanfare for our home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqh5m...feature=relmfu

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    Re: Happy Earth Day!

    Great, Rodney - Thanks for posting this again. I loved it when you first posted it, I"m loving it again right now as it pours majestically out of my speakers.

    EDIT: After I posted just now, my wife said, "Tell Rodney I really love that, and am impressed with the video editing too."

    AND if you or anyone reading this hasn't looked at Google today, they really out did themselves in their search bar graphics today - wonderful homage to our planetary home.


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    Re: Happy Earth Day!

    I did see the google bar. It was awesome! Tell your wife she made my day, Randy, and thank you again.

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    Re: Happy Earth Day!

    What is Earth Day? Isn't that every day?


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    Re: Happy Earth Day!

    No, it is just one day a year when we pay homage to what we are supposed to be observing everyday. It is sort of like arbor day when we plant a tree in honor of the forests and generation of oxygen the trees provide.
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