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Topic: Packington's Pirates

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    Packington's Pirates

    My 11-year old son is taking guitar lessons, and he played this piece called "Packington's Pound" which is a Baroque period guitar piece. Well, it sounds a lot like pirate music and he doesn't get to play with other musicians very often, so I whipped up a score (Packington's Pirates) for it using GPO4 and IO so he could play along with other musicians (well sort of anyways).

    Here is the completed piece with the live acoustic guitar and the orchestration. He certainly got a lot more out of his guitar practice playing along with this rather than a metronome .

    Packington's Pirates

    The full score for the piece in both PDF and Finale files can be here

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    Re: Packington's Pirates

    Nicely done!

    I would bet it was easier to practice more with this than using a metronome!
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    Re: Packington's Pirates

    Now that is the way to learn music.

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