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Topic: Can I download the samples again?

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    Can I download the samples again?

    I read, elsewhere on the site, that I can download the samples again. I need to do so because I DIDN'T GET ANY the first time, apparently. When I ran the installer, it told me it could not find the .audio files.

    UPDATE: Okay, I just downloaded the Zip file again and, just as before, it contains a Samples Data folder, which contains ONLY .data files. There are NO .audio files to be found anywhere in the download, so HOW am I supposed to install them?! The .exe told me - the first two times I ran it - that it couldn't find the .audio files, so, WHERE ARE THEY?!


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    Re: Can I download the samples again?


    .audio files are generated by the installer during decompression. Just run the installer that is in the zip file and you should be good to go! Make sure to extract the whole thing to your hard drive first, or the installer might throw that error.


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