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Topic: Warren's upcoming pianos

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    Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    My guess for how GS works with low latency is that it caches the beginnings of all the samples it will need, then as you play it starts playing from the cache and queues the rest of the sample it will need from disk.

    My system has 128 megs of RAM and playing can stutter when I load in several gigs with lots of samples, and I\'ve crashed it twice when I\'ve loaded 2 sets of large gigs (in one case it was gigapiano with the boesendorfer, in the other, the EW rhodes plus wurli).

    So my question for Warren is, does this jibe with your experiences, and do you expect your many-layered Steinway to play well in a 128 meg system?

    Also regarding this occasional stuttering, does anyone have insights into this, like are you cured if you move to 256 megs of ram?


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    Re: Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    In the vein of \"notes from the technopeasant\": I have 256 fast ram, an ultra dma drive. I can run the bos and stein simultaneously with cake, sblive verb, and sblive\'s wav. recorder also running: no problems, assuming all the extraneous windows programs (loaded in start up) are eliminated and assuming a fresh boot has recently occurred. Over time the available ram seems to dissipate; I\'m not sure why. So I find that a soft boot cleans up the memory.

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    Re: Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    I\'ve experienced a wide variety of bizarre \"novelty\" behavior from both Gigasampler and Windows, including the occasional \"stuttering\" from time to time.
    Usually, a clean reboot helps.
    However, I\'m concerned about the possibility that the large number of strike layers I plan to include in my next version may exceed the computer memory capabilities of many users. If so, I will definitely make a reduced version available (possibly 12 instead of 16 strike velocity layers) if necessary to get the set to run on a machine with 128MB of memory with the Gigasampler.


    Warren Trachtman

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    Re: Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    I found this on nemesys\'s FAQ:

    32 Megs RAM – 216mono\\108 stereo
    64 Megs RAM – 500 mono\\250 stereo
    128 Megs RAM – 1200 mono\\600 stereo
    256 Megs RAM – 2500 mono\\1250 stereo

    With 16 strike layers, number of samples is: 1408 stereo which is more than 256 Megs limitation. I guess you have to lower it down to 14 strike - 7 up and down: 1232 stereo samples.

    Hmm.. I wish gigasampler has no RAM limitation. Just a thought.

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    Re: Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    Hi all.. regarding latency, I recently purchased the SUPERB \"Bolder Pianos for Gigasampler\" disk, which has a variety of multi-layered Yamaha C7 grand pianos and I have experienced virtually no latency.. even with glissandos and 8 finger chords. Besides the fact that these Yamahas are as close to a real C7 as i have ever played, they seem to work impeccably in Gigasampler. I emailed Bolder Sounds and they said their Bolder Pianos Steinway \"D\" (highly acclaimed) will be released for Gigasampler this month, February. I can\'t wait. Their address is http://www.boldersounds.com if you want to check them out. HIGHLY recommended for you ivory ticklers out there,

    See ya


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    Re: Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    Hey, just how many piano sample for GS are there? I\'ve never heard of Bolder. Any others I\'m not aware of???

    John Grant

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    Re: Warren\'s upcoming pianos

    Hmm... looks like Bolder only has 2 strikes?? How could this be superb?

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