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Topic: Celtic instrument library

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    Celtic instrument library

    Can someone point me in the direction of a Giga disk with traditional celtic instrument samples. Bag pipes, Ullean (sp) pipes, tin whistle, penny whistle, violin. Also very important... percussion.


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    Re: Celtic instrument library

    It\'s simple - they don\'t exist in Akai or Gigasampler format. You can find these sounds on Roland SC-8850 or on Orchestral2 (not1) expansion board for Roland JV/XP synths. Especially Orchestral 2 board is intent on celtic instruments - there are many of them, and of very good quality.

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    Re: Celtic instrument library

    Emu has a cd rom out called World Instruments [Its volume 5 on there sample library list] It has alot of the instruments that you listed .but then you would have to convert it from Emu to Akai , you can get that converter at www.chickensys.com.see ya , Ken

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    Re: Celtic instrument library

    Hi there,I too would kill for a Celtic Instruments Sample Set. In my search I\'ve foun that there is a CD set becoming available in April - Information is available at http://www.amguk.co.uk/preview/index.html
    I suspect that the format is Audion & wav\'s but it only costs around £60 (UK pounds)

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    Re: Celtic instrument library

    This is a very neglected genre for sampling.
    We\'ll keep an eye out for this and encourage developers to look into this.

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