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Topic: How to (batch)convert Kurzweil-Samples

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    How to (batch)convert Kurzweil-Samples

    Is there an easy way to convert into Akai, into GS? Thanks for any hint!


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    Re: How to (batch)convert Kurzweil-Samples

    Do you mean Kurzweil or Akai?

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    Re: How to (batch)convert Kurzweil-Samples

    It would appear that Awave can import KR1 and KRZ files, and save them as S1000. Whether it would give satisfactory results of not… I wouldn’t bet the farm.

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    Re: How to (batch)convert Kurzweil-Samples

    In old K2000-Days i got some CD-Roms with nice samples in origin KRZ-File format. I want to use them in GS but found no way to convert it. Because it is not posible to get a direct access to the cryptic KRZ-Volume-Directories on those CD\'s. Awave can\'t too.

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