Our new library - ‘LP Electric Guitar’ are available.

This is detailed emulation of the legendary Les Paul guitar.
The sound of each pickup was recorded separately, so you are able to control the direct signal from the pickups independently. This allows complete sculpting of the sound to your taste. Put the library through dedicated amp modeling software to really hear it come alive.


* 4,07 Gb \ 3969 samples \44,1 Hz - 24 bit
* 12 velocity layers for each note\23 frets on the each string with a round-robin algorithm.
* Volume control and tone control for each of pickips
* Automatic and Manual String Selection
* Automatic and manual Left Hand Playing Position Selection
* 3 modes for automatic search of chord position
* 14 different articulations
* Realistic legato
* Realistic glissando
* Realistic and LFO vibrato
* Repetition strum keys
* MIDI Guitar Mode
* Feedback

more info http://www.ilyaefimov.com/