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Topic: What's with the long xsample loading times?

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    What\'s with the long xsample loading times?

    This was in another thread but I thought it deserved its own.

    Sam, Hans - I installed the entire xsample library on a brand new hard drive, and I spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with my new drive.

    Even single instruments - even single, non-velocity-mapped, single-dimension, short-sampled instruments (like some of the percvussion stuff) - take longer to load than the gigpiano. Hell, even seemingly (didn\'t test) longer than some nice alternatives on my hardware samplers.

    Glad to hear I\'m not the only one with the problem but... short loading time is one of the main advantages of GS over my hardware samplers. I get worried when a library comes out like xsample that makes me long for the short loading times of my hardware samplers.

    Hoping it\'s not the start of a trend...

    - Chris

    P.S. That said there are some keepers in the library to be sure...

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    Re: What\'s with the long xsample loading times?

    (sorry about the double post there)

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    Re: What\'s with the long xsample loading times?

    When you say \'single instruments\' do you really mean single instruments from withing a gig that actually has quite a few patches?

    It might be worth experimenting, backing up the original gig and that nuking any programs that you likely won\'t use to get a gig down to 4 or 5 programs. I wonder if the load time increases linearly with the number of programs or if it\'s something else?

    It is funny though, I have a CS degree and can\'t understand what the heck they could be doing that could busy a P3 for > 2 minutes, this box has more power than my whole university when I got my degree! Also, it\'s not just like GS is busy, the whole machine is mostly out to lunch while it does the load.

    Nemesys, probably time to profile this code!

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    Re: What\'s with the long xsample loading times?

    Gigapiano has two programs. E.g. the Xsample Rhodes has a lot of more programs and contain over 880 Samples. If you load a single program out of the gig-file it loads much faster. We decided to create many programs, so that the user can decide which to choose!




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