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Topic: I have some Boesy impressions

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    I have some Boesy impressions

    I picked up the Boesendorfer gig from sounds_on_line... I considered the other pianos but liked the presence of the Boesy in the demos I heard, and the transitions between the dynamic levels on this one sounded like they suited me more than the Steinway.

    I\'ve been playing it for a few days now and I\'m quite impressed, it\'s very nice. The sound is very clear and rich and meaty, and the transition between velocity layers feels pretty good, and this is probably helped by the character of the hammers, which don\'t have a particularly nasty transient (a beef
    of mine in many piano samples). I like the voice of this instrument!

    When I asked for impressions of this sample I only got a couple of comments and neither was glowing. That really suprises me, this one makes me feel like I\'m playing an excellent piano more than any other sample I\'ve ever heard, and I\'ve heard quite a few. Just goes to show you people have very different tastes, I\'m really happy with the way this one sounds and several folks who have heard it here were amazed.

    Only drawbacks: It\'s BIG and it doesn\'t coexist well with the yamaha gigapiano on a fast system with (only) 128 megs of ram... Also there\'s only 1 program for this sample, pretty much straight up is the only way it comes. I looked at the programming and it looks like it doesn\'t even use a filter, one reason why it\'s so direct and forward sounding. I\'ll try to make a dark filtered version for some really soft stuff that I play.

    BTW, my listening environment is pretty good, the digital output of GS goes straight into a Spirit 328 mixer which has excellent D/A, and from there into 20/20bas monitors which I like the sound of.


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    Re: I have some Boesy impressions

    I\'m glad you like the sample, Sam. I was pretty negative, myself. Now, I think I may give it another listen.

    By the way, and pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean when you say you\'ll \"filter\" the sample??

    John Grant

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    Re: I have some Boesy impressions

    Your comments almost scared me away from it John, I\'m glad they didn\'t. 8^) In the end, the factors that decided it for me were:

    Wasn\'t crazy about the mf-ff velocity split and transition to hammers in the Truan Steinway, I think that would drive me nuts. Certainly a beautiful sound on the middle strikes though.

    Didn\'t like the high notes on the Trachtman steinway, sounded too much like an old steinway, not really my sound... Also seemed like a less powerful bass than the others.

    Most liked the big clear bass and mellow hammers and 4 splits on the Boesy, and it turned out to be about what I expected and hoped. A few ff samples have some digital distortion on the attack transients, I haven\'t investigated if that\'s in the sample or the programming (programming\'s my guess).

    On the filtering thing, if you only had 1 velocity sample, you typically get tonal change by putting a lowpass filter on the sample with the filter cutoff responding to velocity, so it\'s rather dark on p but fully bright on ff. You don\'t get harmonic variation with different strikes since you just filter frequencies off the top, while a piano adds different overtones in the middle.

    It\'s trickier on a multistrike sample, since you\'d like to have tonal variation within a velocity range, but you have to get a pretty close tonal match between the bright filter on the soft strike compared to the darker filter on the harder strike or it just sounds weird. As it is, the Boesy program has no filtering, so it\'s still a little bright and direct on the pp sample, like you were listening with your head near the strings.

    Like I said, I still like it a lot, it\'s pretty great IMO but I\'m sure I can make it better. I\'m a bit surprised you didn\'t like it, I wonder how much of that is difference in tastes and ears and how much is the difference in our monitoring environments?

    My 20/20bas monitors are smooth on top, big on the bottom, detailed and unforgiving on the mids, they give me a pretty good read on how something will translate to an excellent stereo, but not at all for something like a boombox. Accoustics in my main room are poor.


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