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Topic: A question for all of you samplers....

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    A question for all of you samplers....

    Do you guys use alot of phrase loop stuff? I recently bought the \'Deepest India\' CD and love it! I used a couple of the vocal and flute phrases along with my keyboard music. Do you guys play everything that you sample or do you actually use phrase loops also.
    I\'m just curious because sometimes I feel guilty when more then half of my songs are from phrase samples that I pasted together.
    But the songs sound great!

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    Re: A question for all of you samplers....

    Hi Damon, don\'t feel guilty bout using phrases, think of it as you had a player from India who dropped by and you were lucky enough to record them!! Loops can be great starters to set a vibe, then play you own stuff over it. Best of both worlds. Doug/Q Up

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    Re: A question for all of you samplers....

    Agreed with Doug,

    without the loops of LatinGrooveFactory I would never be able to setup a good RhythmCombo, because no one in my area can play like that.

    Maybe there\'s a change coming with the new Resrocket-Concept, but that\'s future music.


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