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Topic: Orchestral Instruments

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    Orchestral Instruments

    I use the AO library and would like to purchase additional instruments that would compensate for the \"short comings\". Does anyone know if there are comparable samples available of a solo violin(looped), divided string sections (i.e. 2, 4, and 8 violins), a piccolo(sustained), muted French Horn, and various muted trumpets and trombones that would work well with the AO library and GS in an orchestral context?
    Would my needs be met if i invested in the Vitous library?

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    Re: Orchestral Instruments

    I too own the AO library and like it very much however it is neccessary to have other options not only to compensate for sounds not available in the AO but to blend with and make things sound bigger. I recently purchased the X-sample brass instruments and like them very much. I have not gotten to spend alot of time with them because I am try to wrap up my own project but in the little bit of time I have spent with them they do blend well with the AO brass. And muted instruments are included. As a matter of fact I believe that there are even different kinds of mutes avail. ie. cup, harmon, etc.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Orchestral Instruments

    concerning string sections, a new library is available from ILIO called virtuoso strings. In the manual the following sections sizes are mentioned: Vns 24, 8 and 2. Vas 16 and 2. Cel: 16, 10 and 2. Basses 5.

    Many essential expressions that are missing in standard stuff like espressivo, different attacks.

    It´s a burden with strings: They are by far the most expressive and variable instruments and affordable libraries don´t even cover 50% of the standard.

    About ILIO it is a budget question.

    Has anyone got any experience with that lib ?

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