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Topic: PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

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    PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

    (sorry for my bad English)
    I know a lot of PC games having much better synth/sampler sounds than M. Vitous, P. Siedlaczek etc. library..
    I\'m curious WHAT synth or sample library was used on Mechwarror 2 PC game CD-soundtrack - the strings section sounds ABSOLUTELY PERFECT umcomparable with Vitous and other Akai libraries. The same about French Horn - it\'s simple fantastic.. Timpani - these sound like real hard hits (not like Siedlaczek\'s..). Harp, Piano.. great. Brass Section - It\'s the absolutely best i ever heard.. Percussion and drums - absolutely fantastic.. Cello - it sounds 20x better and more realistic than M. Vitous Cello.. I couldn\'t belive when i heard it..
    Does anybody know which synth or sample libraries was used on this soundtrack? It\'s some really professional synth, but i have no point what might it be.. Also this synth must be old - the music is from about 1995, and sounds are SO realistic. I don\'t understand.

    But it\'s only one example, there are many others..

    If you hear the Might & Magic 6 PC game soundtrack, you can also find incredible quality synth sounds, which are impossible to find on Akai libraries. Just first notes - you can hear acoustic guitar - the quality is superb. Absolutely \"sweet,\" sounding (but sure from synth, not real!), with emotions, simple great sound, WITHOUT any massive effect processing (just almost dry). The same about other instrument sounds - strings section, great Choir sound (about generation better than all Symphony of Voices or Advanced Classical Choir), and others.. The same - I have no anticipation what synth or sample library is it.. Doesn\'t anybody know?
    But there are more and more examples...
    Even VERY old Final Fantasy series (SNES, Nintendo, newest also PC games) has music from some very old synth (about 1991), which has some great sounds.. Pizzicatos are better than any on Akai CDs i know (Ultimate Strings, Siedlaczek, Vitous), Tubullar Bells, Timpani, Orch. Snare, Harp (!) - about generation better than P. Siedlaczek\'s Percussion&Harp.. and that synth is so old (can\'t be newer then 90-92..)...
    I just don\'t understand.. I hear MANY great natural sounding synth sounds in PC games... and I also know that these sounds are generally much (often really, really much) better than standard Akai libraries on the market.. Often epic, emotional sounds (but from some synth, not real instruments!) of strings section, oboe, guitar, flute, choir..
    For example - I can\'t found any realistic \"epic\" sounding full strings section patch on Akai CDs! And it\'s I think the most important instrument for orchestral music ever!
    Where in Akai can be epic, emotional full strings section found? Or guitar sounding like the one from Might&Magic 6 (dry!)? Which old synth was used in Final Fantasy games series? Which in Mechwarrior 2.. M&M6?
    Thanks for any info.


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    Re: PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

    It\'s not unknown for games companies to actually hire a real orchestra to record the music.
    One of the best examples I have heard in recent years is the music in \"Heart of Darkness\" by Bruce Broughton, who also composed the music for the film \"Lost In Space\"

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    Re: PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

    Yes, it\'s true. There are many games having music recorded with a real orchestra. But there are also games with fully synth music - yet sounding great as i explore above (MW2, M&M6 and more..). And that\'s what\'s the mystery for me - which synth or sample library has such excellence and quality to sound like for example in Mechwarrior 2 CD soundtrack..

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    Re: PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

    I think many times what you\'re hearing is a combination of good orchestration (colour/texture, balance) and careful, detailed midi sequencing and post-production. It\'s amazing what you can do with older samples like Denny Jaeger\'s Master Violin, the Roland family of orchestral sounds (including even the watered down versions on the JV/XP Orchestral Expansion Card) Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these game composers utilize pre-recorded orchestral loops, hits and such in order to save time because of limited budgets.

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    Re: PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

    I do vid game music myself..and when I talk to everyone else in the industry,..he standard (lowest) seems to be the Roland JV 1080 (or equivalent). MOst everyone uses AO as well...With Mech 2, I\'m not sure,..but if you are referring to the \"intro\" usic, its not uncommon for Producers to farm out a few more bucks to \"buy out\" a pre recorded Orchestral song for an intro.

    As for SNES samples...well that is a different story,..most of the samples are created with combinatins of old Keyboars (roland/yamaha) sounds,..and then different envelope filters are applied,..AND THEN downsampled to hell. I think what you are looking for is a \"synthy\" ensemble patc. You can find a lot of them on the Roland Orchestral expansion board. The old FF SNES sounds do have some nice patches for back in the day. Also The FF series composer did record most of teh songs ofor a sound track CD for each game,..I wouldn\'t be surprised if their sound engineer decided to record some sounds specifically for samples for future use.

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    Re: PC Games music - Mechwarrior2, Might&Magic6, Final Fantasy serie sample libraries

    Thank you for reply. I know JV-1080 and Orchestral 1 board very well (i had owned it), but these sounds are not too good, especially harp, tubular bells, some wind and most brass instruments are terrible. Yet some fast violins and strings are not so bad, but generaly it\'s not what\'s possible to uphold good orchestral soundtrack alone - sure some patches with combination with other synth, samples etc. yes.
    Aboute Final Fantasy series - all major samples are 100% the same from FF3 to FF7, I mean - in every tune - just the same oboe sound, the same strings section sound, bell, pizzicato, piano. etc. I wonder which synth(s) has such great pizzicatos, tubular bells, trumpet, french horn, orch. percussion (they are exactly same sounding samples in every tune from FF4 to FF7). Sure a lot of instruments sound a bit synthetic, FF2-3 are old, but some patches (Bells, Brass, Harp (!), percussion) are far better then for example AOL. (as well as than All Sound Canvas 88PRO, 8850, Proteus 2000, JV-2080, orch. exp.. etc.).
    About MW2 - i\'m not refering to intro music but to CD soundtrack (it can be played on normal CD player also). This is the most mystery example for me, because the sound of MW2 patches are just incredible. They are not only better sounding than M. Vitous or AOL, Roland Exp, orch. board etc. but they are about real generation better. If you load some strings, timapni or French horn from Vitous or AOL, it sounds flat and weak, but strings from MW2 are something total different - all the instruments has real power in its sound (and not because of effect processing), pure sound excellence. It\'s simple - strings alone yet sounds rich and full, with pizzicatos and Fr. Horn together - it has real great richness, great expression, power.. Choir, solo violin, cello.. it\'s other quality category than standard Akai orchestral libraries... Timpani - it sounds like real hit, you hear the power of sound, great expression of all instruments..
    But everyone says - Vitous, Siedlaczek, Symhony of Voices , etc. are the best of market. But when i hear MW2 (fully synth!) soundtrack from about 1994 with SUCH great sounds (and they are not edited, they sound in every tune exactly same, the same strings sound, the same horn, choir sound.. no editing, just GREAT samples, native).
    When I hear best Timpani from AOL (or upgrade 97) and from MW2, best choir from Symphony of voices and Advanced S. Choir and the one from MW2, Strings from Vitous and AOL and one simple (in all tunes the same) Strings section patch from MW2.... It makes me to have a lot of question.. What is these great MW2 synth(s)/sample librari(es)..? And that\'s not alone example... What\'s the guitar, strings section, choir from Might&Magic 6...?
    I know that amazing things are possible with Akai libraries like Denny Jaeger\'s violin AOL, Vitous etc.., but .. rapidly improve quality of samples themself i doubt it would be possible..

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