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Topic: Stereo and Mono issue when converting !!!

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    Stereo and Mono issue when converting !!!

    Many of the Akai Native CDs offers a Stereo and Mono version of the sampe samples/patch but I also noticed that some of the Giga Native Cds ( like Advanced Orchestra ) also offers some mono version of the same stereo patch. Are there any particular reason for this since Giga does not have to worry about file size therefore why offering a mono version when the same stereo version sounds so much better ???

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    Re: Stereo and Mono issue when converting !!!

    Stereo samples use twice the polyphony. And even though sample size is not an issue, more memory is required to buffer the stereo samples (two voices vs one).

    But of course, sounding better is the whole reason we got GS in the first place: “Damn the polyphony, full stereo ahead!”

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