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Topic: sample credits on a production

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    sample credits on a production

    Anyone know details on the legalities, etc., for adding courtesy credits for samples in a commercial production? Is it absolutely necessary, if the samples are from a legitimately purchased commercial sampling CD?

    Let\'s say you\'ve bought a sampling CD that includes loops. The loops are ``cleared,\'\' with no requirements for further licensing, payments, notification, etc. But the small print says you ``must\'\' include a credit for any loop used in a commercial production. Should this be interpreted as a request, or as an imperative? (some sampling outfits seem to make no mention of credits, others request a credit, and others use language such as ``you must\'\' list a credit)

    In the latter case, what if you leave off the credit?
    Big lawsuit, costing thousands? Quiet out-of-court settlement for a hundred bucks? Nothing, because nobody would notice or care? Nothing, because once you\'ve paid for the CD, they don\'t really care about the crediting? Nothing, because once you\'ve paid for the license, they can\'t legally come after you for a courtesy credit?

    Put in other words, is there any legal precedence for the outfit to demand a credit once they\'ve licensed the material to you for commercial use, with the sale of the CD?

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    Re: sample credits on a production

    By the way: happy 2000, everyone.

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    Re: sample credits on a production

    Hi Arch, Our policy at Q Up Arts regarding crediting is thus; if it\'s possible to credit our company, the title or the artist it is always appreciated. We realize that this isn\'t always convenient or practical, so it\'s not a \"hard core\" request; we won\'t be worried about it if we don\'t get credited.
    We love receiving letters from our customers telling us how they\'re using the sounds, and it\'s always a boost when we see our name on a cd or film score. Doug Morton/Q Up Arts/Creative Director

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