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Topic: native voices of america

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    native voices of america

    I have Native voices of America for GS. This is a really cool collection. Most samples are in stereo and I am wondering what I need to do to use these samples in my Roland VS880 hard disc recorder. I want to do alot of panning so I guess I need to remap these samples in mono. Or, can I use just the left side of them. Please give some advise on the best way of using stereo samples when you want to do panning , I am a bit confused on what I should be doing. Thanks alot.

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    Re: native voices of america

    Hi Punda, Doug Morton here, the producer of Voices of Native America. In most cases, the vocal material is stereo but won\'t suffer in mono as it comes from a single source with no ambience. The drum material has natural panning built in because we recorded in a stereo field so you get natural panning as the player moves across the drum. in some cases the drums were huge so this effect is more for some drums and less on others. Most of of the material should be fine if you sum the left and right channels together. The processed flute performances have lexicon 300 on them in stereo. If I can be of further help email or call. dougqup@aol.com or 1800.454.4563. Douglas Morton/Q Up Arts/Creative Director

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    Re: native voices of america

    hi doug,

    congrats to the production of vona! Really great sounds! The only thing: Some of the drums could have a little more preprocessing to get more power when used in modern music mixes.

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    Re: native voices of america

    Hi Holger, Thanks for the kind words re VONA. Our approach on the drums was to keep it pretty natural and acoustic. The main pre prod I did on the drums was denoising as we had recorded some of the stuff on the reservation and other less than ideal environments. Happy New Year!! Doug/Q Up

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