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Topic: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

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    I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    Hey all...where can I find brass samples (pop sounding)...I love my Roland and G.S. but I am missing real sounding brass. I\'d love to find solo brass instruments and ensemble brass group sounds too...this will complete my sound (keyboard brass is not as crisp as the real thing (or samples..so I have heard!!)Can anyone help???
    Tim :-)

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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    killer horns and brass super section vol. 1 and 2 - info under www.bestservice.de !

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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    ...listen also to the Xsample demo, you will find them also on the best service page.


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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    I just got a copy of the Xsample trumpet/trombone/french horn library. I haven\'t done any work with it yet, but for what its worth my first impression is that the sounds are \'polite\', maybe more suited to classical scoring than pop or jazz. But this is just based on a half-hour of playing the raw samples and they may work differently in the context of a mix. (At least I hope so, since I bought them for pop and jazz work.)

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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    Brass super section is good. Half a step samples. Samples are good but the sound quality isn\'t very good like on Bass legents.
    Too bad, though, Bass legents could be a great library.

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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    Joe Toto,
    I\'d be interested to hear about what you think of the x-sample brass after fiddling and programming a bit. I\'m also interested in more of a pop/jazz sound, and the x-sample demo for the brass samples did sound a bit flat and classical-esque. The sax demo, btw, sounds a bit more jazzy.

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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    Thanks to all...a lot of good information here....actually, I looked into each suggestion, and found \"Phantom Horns\" pretty nice sounding (from the demo). Again thanks, and I welcome any other suggestions!

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    Re: I want REAL sounding brass..please help!

    Arch Stanton:
    I posted a tune on my page at mp3.com (www.mp3.com/joetoto) caled \'La Policia\' which you might want to listen to. I used the Xsample trumpet for the the solo trumpet and in the lower voices of the trumpet section, and the alto sax in the sax section.

    My initial impressions still hold - these are good samples and they will have their uses in specific applications. For pop/jazz I wouldn\'t build sections with them exclusively, I\'d mix them with brighter samples. The sax has a nice sound but with too much vibrato for my taste unless I\'m \'playing\' it wrong. (I\'d really like it as a tenor for doing ballads.) I prefer a trombone with more \'bite\' and I didn\'t use it in this arrangement.

    Take my comments with a grain of salt - I am not the type to program synths or massage samples other than some eq/reverb/etc. There may very well be a way to re-program these to get different sounds.

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