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Topic: Remarks on Xsample Library

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    Remarks on Xsample Library

    I know this subject was covered just a month ago, but there wasn\'t much of a response, probably because it just came out. Does anyone have this library? Can you comment on the quality? Also, the pdf overview of the library shows st/m by most of the instruments. I assume this means that they all have both stereo and mono samples? I\'m sure I\'m not the only one wondering about this set. Especially since the demos on the web site sound very good.


    Tony Lombardi

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    Re: Remarks on Xsample Library

    I just received the set from East West.
    They have a special on their website this week on the 9 CD set. So far I have only tried the stereo versions. The quality is first class, and the documentation is good as well. If they release further sets I will be getting them as well. I guess that says it all.

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    Re: Remarks on Xsample Library

    They are very good. Easy to play also. Keep an eye on these guys.


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