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Topic: The Ulitmate Percussion library

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    The Ulitmate Percussion library

    Ok here\'s the scoop...In the next couple of days me and my friend Sean Lane (another very good percussionist and engineer in the area) are going to put the finishing touches on our percussion library entitled \"Ultimate Percussion\". This will be initially a two cd set but there will also be future releases. The library is being designed by symphony and studio perussionist and is meant to be \"the\" percussion library. The first two cd\'s will contain the following:

    A 5 octave \"Marimba One\" marimba velocity switched and with several different mallets.

    A set of \"Fall Creek\" orchestral bells velocity switched and with several different mallets.

    A set of Deagan Orchestral 1 1/2 chimes velocity switched and with two different types of mallets.

    6 different tamborines; all velocity switched; thumb rolls (long and short) shake rolls; cres. (3 speeds).

    4 different triangles; all velocity switched; with different beaters, rolls, consonace and dissonance sounds on each triangle also.

    and many many more including; castanets, sus. cym\'s; crash cyms; several orchestral snare drums; orchestral bass drum (with calf heads).

    Again I want to apologize for the delay on the library but what started as a simple .gig file has snowballed very rapidly. Myself and Sean feel that the need for a legitimate orchestral percussion library is greatly needed and that although the orchestral percussion sounds that come with other string and wind libraries are very good that the need for instruments with several mallet selections and being abel to choose between a \"dry\" tamb. or \"wet\" tamb. was something that every serious digital comoposer needs to have.
    Another reason for the delay is that we are trying to make the absolute best samples possible. We have been experimenting with different mic\'s, rooms, mic positions, etc. and each time have felt that the overall sound has gotten better. So not wanting to release something that two months later we could easily top was of our greatest concern.
    Finally I can not tell you guys how excited we are about the potential of this library. These are percussion samples played by percussionist and recorded by percussionist. We both have studio and orchestral experience and know what sounds good and what does not. The ultimate goal of this library is to (in the near future) include ethnic percussion, latin percussion, drum set, and anything else we can think of to hit, scrape, or scratch.
    Now here is where we need your help. We personally feel that alot of sample libraries are somewhat overpriced. So we want to ask you what you feel is a \"fair\" price for a library of this magnitude (and yes before you ask a \"final\" demo is comming very soon). We will also be offering discounts on upcomming libraries for anyone who buys the first one (which is something we think and wish everyone sample company would do!).

    If anyone has questions comments or last minute requests for the first volume (yes there is still a little time). Please let us know. Once again thanks for your patience and merry Christmas!

    Donnie and Sean

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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library

    Hi Donnie!

    Great to hear news about your library - I am looking forward to this!! But one IMHO very neglected instrument is not on your list.. (well, two )... TIMPANI - didn\'t you record any of those? I think that the Adv. Orchestra ones can pretty easily be topped - I don\'t really know what\'s wrong with the AO ones, they just don\'t sound right. And since you\'re getting into different mallets too, you could make an extensive timpani library.
    Also, how about a celesta - and your anvil too?

    Pricing... hmm well.... how about 120$ or so?
    That would seem fair to me.


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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library


    Hey thanks for the reply. Timpani is actually in the works for vol. II and it will be so big that it might be by itself. The timpanist for the MSO has a beautiful set of Hinger timpani that are wonderful. We plan to sample them (with him playing) very soon. We have an extensive collection of mallets and will include at least 4 pair switchable through the deminsion controls. Also rolls as well as cres. and decres. will be included and even bowl hits!

    As far as the anvil that will be included in vol. I it was just one of the instruments included in the \"many more\" title


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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library

    Hi Donnie.
    If this is the ULTIMATE orchestral collection, I would be willing to pay anywhere between $100-200 for the set. It all depends on how convincing the end result is.
    Good luck!

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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library

    Hi Donnie.
    If this is the ULTIMATE orchestral collection, I would be willing to pay anywhere between $100-200 for the set. It all depends on how convincing the end result is. I\'ve got hundreds of percussion instruments claiming to be all that, but not one of them really does it for me. However, none of them were specifically created for the sheer power of gigasampler! Sounds exciting!
    Good luck!

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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library

    I second the call for Timpani. Glad to know your doing it vor VII. I thought I was going to have to do my own ultimate Timpani but I don\'t have time. I\'m a timpanist myself so I\'ll be watching for that one. Be sure and contact me here at NemeSys as you go into that library. I may have some helpfull ideas that my GigaSampler and Timpani background may help. The Ringer timps are the best also. I think they are Ludwig Ringer timps with hand hammered copper kettles with straight and not curved sides. This allows the sound resonate the best by bouncing down, accross and up through the drum in an optimum way. Good luck.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library


    Hey glad to hear that you are a timpanist yourself. I agree that the Ringer timps are good but they tend to produce undesirable overtones because of the bowl shape. The Hinger timps we are going use were hand made my Dan Hinger himself and have more of an apple shapped bowl that produces a more focused sound. Another set that we may include also is a set of Walter Light Metro\'s that the symphony owns which are great also.


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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library


    Good news about the library it sounds good.

    As for price, make sure that you take into account all CD production costs, documentation etc. Sometimes these things take more time and planning than you might think. Especially if the demand is high. Don\'t undersell yourself!

    Maybe you should try and hook up with an exisitng distributor?

    I\'d be willing to pay the market rate 199 to 299 dollars.


    Mike Gill

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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library

    Are various wind chimes and marktrees included in Vol.1?

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    Re: The Ulitmate Percussion library

    yes, wind chimes are included in vol. I (clay chimes, bamboo chimes, \"out door\" wind chimes, reg. wind chimes)

    Just to update everyone here is what is done so far:

    exotic perc. .gig that has:
    real german almglocken (5)
    chinese bowl (2)
    chinese bell (2)
    22\" chinese nipple gong
    14\" chinese nipple gong
    clay chimes
    bamboo chimes
    4 vaughncraft woodblocks (maple, cherry,mahogahny, and walnut) with 4 velocity swithces each and two different kings of mallets (hard and med. soft)
    temple blocks
    and more

    Deagan xylophone: 60mb (2 vel. switches)
    James Ross brillant xylo mallets
    James Ross med. hard xylo mallets
    Bob Becker med. hard blue xylo mallets
    James Ross dark xylo mallets

    Fall Creek Glockenspeil: 297mb
    James Ross med. hard bell mallets (2 vel\'s)
    James Ross heavy hard bells mallets (2 vels)
    James Ross soft bell mallets (1 vel)
    James Ross heavy brass (1 vel)
    James Ross med. heavy aluminum (1 vel)

    as well as glisses up and down/slow and fast with every mallet mentiond above....

    so things are moving along pretty well and we should have a demo up soon!


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